Shocking revelations that gripped us in Ngayon at Kailanman

One of the most awaited scenes on teleseryes are those when its characters’ deepest and darkest secrets are revealed. These revelations or plot twists are undeniably one of the narrative elements we hate missing, especially when all of our friends, relatives or even office colleagues are already talking about them. They are showstoppers, pivotal milestones that make any teleserye unforgettable.

As we get to the finale of Ngayon at Kailanman which gave us a terrific story full of twists, here are the most shocking revelations that gripped us in Ngayon at Kailanman.

1. Stella’s reveal to Oliver that Inno is not her son

When it came to the point that Oliver (Jameson Blake) looks like he’s really had enough of being behind Inno’s (Joshua Garcia) shadow in their family as he voiced out all his jealousy with his brother, Stella (Alice Dixson) was left with no choice but to tell him the truth about Inno. Upon knowing that Inno is their father’s son with another woman, Oliver realizes that he truly has Stella’s love. This became a game changer for them both, as they decided to team up against Inno.

2. Roxanne’s confession that she is not the real Angela Cortes

After learning how violent Stella can be, Roxanne (Elisse Joson) finally decided to do the right thing in hopes of attaining redemption for the sins she willingly committed. Knowing that her childhood friend Inno is the right person to call and help her out in her situation, she meets up with him, confessing that she is not Angela Cortes. Clearly wanting to do the right thing and change for the better, this moment transformed her life and directed her towards the truth.

3. Eva learns that she is the true Angela Cortes, which makes Rebecca her real mother

Finally remembering the tragedy of her childhood, Eva (Julia Barretto) goes straight to Rebecca (Iza Calzado) in search of comfort. As she confided her story to Rebecca, Eva was surprised to see that Rebecca’s necklace matches the one she has in her memory. Both found out their true connection as mother and daughter, and they were never the same after.

4. Hernan’s confession about his brother Rodrigo’s death

Carrying this burden for years, Hernan goes to Rebecca to confess that he killed his own brother who is Rebecca’s beloved. Hernan frees himself of the guilt in his heart and as how it obviously will be, Rebecca despised Hernan because she thought he was her friend. Consequently, Hernan sacrificed his life to save Rebecca to somehow rectify the mistakes he did.

5. Roxanne Constantino is Adessa’s long lost daughter, Christina Mapendo

For Adessa (Ina Raymundo) to heal, Abel (Dominic Ochoa) needed to find the truth behind the missing piece of her life which is her daughter. In his search, he finds out that the Roxanne who appeared as the fake Angela Cortes is Adessa’s long lost daughter Christina Mapendo. Upon discovering the truth and being reunited with her, Adessa gained back her sanity and the rest of the Mapendo family welcomed Roxanne/Christina with open arms.

6. Stella tells Inno that he is not her son and confesses slay attempt on Rebecca

In a riveting emotional sequence, Stella angrily revealed to Inno that he is not her son and that she had struggled to accept him because he was Hernan’s love child. In her fit of rage, she unwittingly confessed that she was behind the slay attempt on Rebecca that left Hernan dead after repeatedly badgering Inno that he was the one who should have been killed not her husband. Carmen (Rosemarie Gil), who was also witnessing the exchange, was utterly shocked and devastated by her revelation because her actions led to the death of her son, and vowed never to forgive her.

Indeed, Ngayon at Kailanman told us an astounding story filled with all the moving twists and turns. Don’t miss its much-awaited finale after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on Friday, January 18 on Primetime Bida!