Mga nakakalokang eksena ni Stella sa Ngayon at Kailanman

Being Stella Simbajon Cortes in Ngayon at Kailanman, Alice Dixson has indeed surprised us with how she can make us hate her so much. As the ambitious and self-centered woman who always uses her claws to get whatever she wants, Stella is someone you will certainly despise. But unlike any other antagonists, what makes Stella special is that she always knows how to surprise us.

Let’s take a look back on some of the most unforgettable scenes of Stella that made us laugh and hate her at the same time.

1. Getting to know Rebecca

Even though she is already suspecting Rebecca Marquez-Young (Iza Calzado), Stella is clever enough to make a smiling face and converse with Rebecca as if she’s excited to be her friend. And while it is obvious that she gets startled with how Rebecca answers her, Stella’s sleek reactions and responses are impressively irritating.

2. Asking Rosa’s opinion

When she sees Rosa Mapendo (Rio Locsin) passing by while she’s having a stressful moment, Stella strangely asked for her opinion. Knowing Rosa as an honest and a good person, she tells Stella the right opinion and it turned out quite funny how Stella received Rosa’s friendly opinion.

3. An exciting meeting with Rebecca

Settling down a business deal with each other, Stella and Rebecca agree to meet up at a restaurant. But before getting down to business, an exciting and interesting catch up first happened between them which made Stella giggle and say, “Who knew that fishing can be so thrilling?”

4. The waiver

At this point, Eva Mapendo (Julia Barretto) is fighting for her right as the true designer of the jewelry collection which is about to be launched. With her reputation at sake, Stella then says to Eva: “Meron sa’ting dalawa ang nangopya ng mga designs… at nakaksigurado ako na hindi ako ‘yon”, while forcing her to sign a waiver that says Eva is the one who plagiarized those designs.

5. The jaw-dropping catfight with Rosa

Learning about how Stella attempted to own Eva’s designs and accuse her of lying, Rosa rushed to defend Eva. This led Stella to burst out and tell Rosa: “At nakukuha mo pang sumagot-sagot ha? Anong parte ng katulong ang hindi mo naiintindihan?” then a violently jaw-dropping catfight between these two women happened next.

6. Degrading Eva

In disgust of how talented and dignified Eva is, Stella makes an effort to go to Eva’s neighborhood just so she can find her and tell her this infuriating yet witty reminder that surely made a mark on us. Stella said to Eva: “Kahit ilang beses kang magsumikap para akyatin kung ano man ‘yang hagdan na gusto mong akyatin, always remember… ang taong may pera, may access sa elevator!”

7. The shocking double slap

While Stella was at the gym to have a calming exercise, the importunate Roxanne Constantino (Elisse Joson) stalks her. And as we know how feisty Stella is whenever she gets mad or annoyed, she gave Roxanne the double slap that she won’t be able to forget.

8. Vomiting and “facing the grave”

To prove that Eva is actually Angela Cortes, Rodrigo Cortes (TJ Trinidad) and Rebecca’s child, they needed to get Rodrigo’s DNA sample. But as she sees the sight of the decaying body of the man she murdered, Stella couldn’t help herself not to vomit. Doing this and insulting Rebecca after on Rodrigo’s resting place, Stella had to face the surprising consequences of her bratty actions.

9. The “peaceful cooking” scene

Of all Stella’s most arresting scenes, this is the most outstanding. She is unbelievably calm and was able to maintain a peaceful cooking moment while everyone else is clamoring around her with the arrival of the police, along with Rebecca and Roxanne.

10. Pretentions and her intentional revelation    

Stella has indeed a great talent when it comes to acting. She can pretend in front of many people and manipulate the situation. Stella proves this to us as she makes Rebecca look like a fraud on the day of the hearing of the case that Rebecca filed against her. Stella even took the opportunity for Eva to disappoint Rebecca.

True enough, Stella has been one of the most infuriating villains on primetime. As she bids us farewell, what will be her last hurrah? Find out in the final episodes of Ngayon at Kailanman all this week after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.