PAANDAR 2018: A question of forever—Eva and Inno’s true yet tumultuous love journey in Ngayon at Kailanman

William Shakespeare once wrote, “the course of true love never did run smooth.” Ngayon at Kailanman may not be a Shakespearean play, but Eva Mapendo (Julia Barretto) and Inno Cortes’ (Joshua Garcia) star-crossed love story is definitely worthy of a classic romantic tale like Romeo and Juliet.

Eva and Inno first met once upon a dream—literally. When Eva was adrift in a boat after running from some men who were trying to kill her and her family, she got caught in a storm. Mammoth waves smashed into her boat, causing Eva to black out.

Meanwhile, Inno underwent surgery in a bid to save his big brother, who needed a transplant. However, complications arose and Inno started crashing. While his surgical team fought to save his life, the young boy found himself in what turned out to be a dream world. While he and Eva were unconscious, they met on a white sand beach in that world, framed by hills dotted with pink and purple flowers. It was then that they first promised each other, “Walang iwanan.”


Back in the real world, Inno’s doctors were able to revive him, and in so doing pulled him out of the dream he shared with Eva—just as she asked him what his name was. It was then that viewers began to suspect their love story would be an unusual one, to say the least.

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out great the next time they saw each other, either. Years later, some crook stole from the jewelry store Eva worked at, and she gave chase because she would lose her job if she didn’t recover the stolen merchandise. She barreled into Inno, who was on his way to a meeting. He lost his grip on his cell phone and it fell into Eva’s hands. She was in too much of a rush to give it back to him because she was desperate to catch the thief, so she kept running. Inno caught up with her eventually and dragged her to the nearest police station. At first he was determined to press charges, but he ended up dropping the matter after one of Eva’s friends pleaded with him to let her go.


The third time they met wasn’t the charm, either. Eva happened to be working as a waitress at an event where Inno was a guest. When she saw him, she got so upset that she spiked his soup with nuts, which Inno is allergic to. Inno nearly ended up in the emergency room thanks to her, which is why he was less than thrilled when his brother Oliver introduced Eva to him as his girlfriend. Inno couldn’t keep himself from making snide remarks about Eva when she had dinner with the Cortes family one time. Believing that she was up to no good with his brother, Inno even offered her a lot of money to stay away from Oliver, which offended Eva.


Despite the fact that things between them got off to quite a rocky start, the universe kept throwing them together. Inno eventually got up the courage to apologize to Eva for offending her, and asked her to hang out with him. Inno reasoned that if Eva is truly serious about Oliver, the two of them should spend some time getting to know each other because he wants to get along with his brother’s girlfriend.



That kicked off a series of events that brought Eva and Inno closer to each other. One time, they went to an event together, for which they got ready at different ends of the same hotel suite. When Eva emerged from her room wearing a simple yet well-made white dress that clung to her body in all the right places, Inno couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her beauty. However, while Inno thought Eva beautiful, he denied being attracted to her in any serious way. She was his brother’s girlfriend, and so he deemed her off-limits. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try to fight it, destiny always gets its own way. That’s exactly what happened with Eva and Inno.



The more time they spent together—like when Inno showed up at Eva’s house and hung out with her family and friends, or when they had a “simple date”—it became harder for Inno to deny his growing feelings for Eva. 


Eventually he couldn’t hold it in anymore, and he told her how he felt. If this were any other love story, things would go smoothly after a confession like that. 



But fate had other things in store for them. While they were able to enjoy a little time together, their relationship took a turn for the worse when circumstances started to get in their way.


Their parents—particularly Rebecca and Stella—played a big part in the breakdown of their relationship. Eva began to avoid Inno because of Rebecca; and they even had a huge fight about their parents one time. 



Soon after, fate forced Eva and Inno into a goodbye, and they ended up with other people—the former with Oliver, and the latter with Roxanne. But deep down inside, Eva and Inno still carry a torch for each other.




What will happen next? Will Eva and Inno be able to find their way back together? Will they be able to find forever with each other despite the many obstacles in their way? Stay tuned to Ngayon at Kailanman, weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on Primetime Bida.