REVIEW: Joshua, Julia level up once more in grief-stricken Ngayon at Kailanman “50-50” episode

In what was incredibly the most powerful episode of Ngayon at Kailanman on Wednesday, December 12, Inno (Joshua Garcia) came to grips with a reality he could not bear.

His beloved father Hernan (Christian Vasquez) has died, in circumstances so foul and despicable—being in the crossfire of Stella’s (Alice Dixson) murderous fit against the resurgent Rebecca (Iza Calzado).

Hernan was with Rebecca when Stella’s minions carried out the attempted murder by the roadside. And while they tried to kill her thumping her down, leading to a head trauma, Hernan was assaulted in the most gruesome way—a vicious stab on the stomach leading to terrible blood loss.

And as they were rushed to hospital, Inno and Eva (Julia Barretto) were distraught to see their parents fighting for their lives. Both were uncontrollable in their anguish, begging them to hold on.

As Rebecca indeed held on and still showed signs of life despite the serious head injury inflicted on her, Hernan tried to also hold on literally to Inno’s hand as his son pushed him to not give up, but the injury was so severe he just had to let go. And despite efforts to resuscitate Hernan, he had passed on.

This left Inno devastated and inconsolable in his grief, with Eva, who had been fortunate enough to at least have her mom still alive yet comatose, by his side.

Hernan was the best father anyone could have as depicted in the series, who despite facing heart-wrenching circumstances, remained the dependable and loving father to Inno and Oliver (Jameson Blake). He would push them to the brink, yet love them deeply, genuinely, and unconditionally.

Dona Carmen (Rosemarie Gil) came and was likewise desolate upon seeing her son’s lifeless body. And the incarcerated Stella, who was permitted to visit the hospital, was particularly shattered learning about Hernan’s death from Inno, as grief and guilt overcame her.

Indeed, one of the biggest tests of the true mettle of great actors are scenes of utter grief.

Joshua Garcia nailed it once more as he superbly depicted the slow transition of hope to despair, intensely understanding the dire situation he is portraying and bring out the best embodiment of the anguish it brings. You’d think everything is real and even feel his loss so deeply.

Julia is again at her dramatic best in this episode with her well-presented fear of losing her dear mother once more. She has definitely matured in the acting craft.

Rosemarie Gil and Alice Dixson also proved their lofty stature in the industry with their exceptional performances, and Jameson Blake, who slayed his part feeling the misery and pain albeit silently.

Even netizens were gripped by the evocative and haunting episode.