5 reasons why you should watch Ngayon at Kailanman


The imminent, first Kapamilya teleserye of this generation’s most sought after love team of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barreto will finally be aired.

Why is Ngayon at Kailanman a must-see on Primetime Bida? Here are the reasons why.

Powerhouse cast


The newest teleserye from Star Creatives is jam-packed with brilliant actors and actresses.

Joshua Garcia (2017 Most Promising Movie Actor of the Year and New Movie Actor of the Year) together with Julia Barreto (2017 Best Film Actress and Most Promising Movie Actress of the Year) lead the powerhouse cast.

It also involves veteran actress Rosemarie Gil, together with auspicious thespians Rio Locsin, Alice Dixon, Iza Calzado, TJ Trinidad, Dominic Ochoa, Ina Raymundo and Christian Vasquez.

Likewise, today’s hottest young actors Jameson Blake and Joao Constancia will also heat up the ensemble.

This is a masterpiece of the country’s top-caliber directors, Mae Czarina Cruz- Alviar and Elfren Vibar.

The innate charismatic love team


Undeniably, the sizzling real-life couple and love team—Joshua and Julia or fondly called by their avid fans as JoshLia— had proven their unstoppable team up in 2016 as they made a big hit in the Box- Office film, “Vince and Kath and James” helmed by director Theodore Boborol.

This was immediately followed by the teen-chic film of Antoinette Jadaone’s “Love You to the Stars and Back” in August, 2017. Three months later, they made the fans go crazy over their characters in “Unexpectedly Yours” with Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Robin Padilla.

Now, their chemistry will be tested in a major teleserye!

The much-awaited story line

Ngayon at Kailanman relates to the concept of star-crossed lovers with a not-so-typical-against-all-odds love story of Inno (Joshua) and Eva (Julia).

It started with the love of Rodrigo Cortes (TJ) and Rebecca (Iza). The two were separated starting with the death of Don Julian (Dante Rivero). Rodrigo tended her father’s burial.

As the story moved, Rebecca tried to show their baby (Eva) to Rodrigo. However, she was instead shot.

Eva was saved and sheltered by the man who shot her mother. Later on, her assailants discovered her existence and tried to kill her. The persons who brought her up were killed protecting Eva.

She was then found by Dominic Ochoa and Rio Locsin. Similarly, she was raised as a street wise daughter of Dominic and Ina Raymundo in the slums.

On the contrary, Inno grew up in the Cortes buena familia with the matriarch Carmen (Rosemarie), his father, Hernan (Christian) and his mother (Alice). Moreover, he has a sickly, older brother—Oliver (Jameson).

Inno and Eva’s path first crossed near the shore when they were just kids. Years later, they met again when Eva was running after a thief on the street.

The emphatic characters and twist

Viewers should stay tuned on how fate unfolds its revelation about Eva’s real identity and how this revelation will shake the ground of Cortes family.

We also need to witness how Eva’s character evolves into a strong young lady who dreams big not only for herself but also for the family she grew up with.

Inno’s character development must also be given notice on how it is to grow in a family full of expectations.

The exquisite scenes

Ngayon at Kailanman’s trailer offers us a cinematic production starting from the simple living of Rodrigo and Rebecca up to the topsy-turvy life of little Eva.

“How will Eva take the truth behind her real identity” and “how fate will lead Eva and Inno together” are some of the questions that fans of JoshLia or even the viewers should anticipate as the plot unravels.

Can’t wait to see this classic teleserye? Watch the premiere of Ngayon at Kailanman on Monday, August 20.