PAANDAR 2018: Tear-inducing moments that broke our hearts in Ngayon at Kailanman

Apart from the love story Eva Mapendo/Angela Cortes (Julia Barretto) and Innocencio "Inno" Cortes (Joshua Garcia), the people around them also have a story to tell.

Each of the characters has a deep “hugot” that explains their actions and how they affect Eva/Angela and Inno’s story. Even though they are different from each other, some being good and some being bad, they all have something that their hearts care for. This is what makes them who they are, and also what breaks them.

In a few months that Ngayon at Kailanman has gripped us on television, both extremely good and bad things have already happened in the show. And as a drama series, the show has indeed made us cry already several times.

Having that said, here are the “hugot” of some of the characters in Ngayon at Kailanman, and some of their most tear-inducing moments which tore our hearts into pieces.

In Eva/Angela’s side of the story, she always suffers so much. On her journey to find her biological family, Eva/Angela suffered too long and cried a lot of tears. And when she finally knew that her mother is Rebecca, she cried tears of joy. Then, shortly after she discovered this truth, Rebecca got into a horrifying incident where Eva/Angela mourned for the fact that she might lose her mother again.



From the beginning, we all know that the story of Adessa Mapendo (Ina Raymundo) is a heart breaking one. Along with the death of her child before, Adessa lost herself too. Until their family found Eva/Angela, who made her smile and brought back her sanity again. Having Eva/Angela gave her peace of mind, so when she found out that Eva/Angela has found her true mother Rebecca, Adessa suffered once again in fear that her beloved Eva/Angela will be taken away from her.


Meanwhile, Rebecca Marquez-Young (Iza Calzado) also suffered so much like her daughter Eva/Angela. Shortly after her husband Rodrigo got killed, she and her baby daughter went through a tragic incident which almost killed them both. It was a traumatic experience yet chose to stand up and courageously fight by seeking justice for everything that’s happened to her, which she just recently achieved by surpassing the struggles she encountered in the process.



In Inno’s pursuit to be a responsible man and in his fight for love, life didn’t come easy for him. It was inevitable for him and Eva/Angela to experience hardships in being together, considering their family’s connection and deep, unsettled issues with each other. Fighting for his love for Eva/Angela, his relationship with his family got rough and the only one who understood him was his father, who recently died in his own arms.

Behind Oliver “Oli” Cortes (Jameson Blake) act that he doesn’t care for anything, he hides a fragile heart that fears rejection. Oliver thinks he needs to prove to everyone that he’s worthy to be loved and admired, so he thought that doing things on his own is the best way to go, even if his decisions are not always the right thing to do in his situation. During the lowest moment in his life when all his plans got him so broken, Eva/Angela comforted him and lifted his hopes up. 

Finally, although Stella Simbajon-Cortes (Alice Dixson) is a selfish woman, she still has a heart that has a capability to love. One thing is clear about her: she loves her husband Hernan Cortes (Christian Vasquez). So when she came to know that Hernan had died, you can just imagine how her heart shattered to pieces by how she wailed and punched Inno as he delivered the saddest news.

Will there be more heart breaking scenes this coming 2019? Let’s find out in the gripping story of Ngayon at Kailanman, weekdays on Primetime Bida after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.