Vina and Denise become stronger beacuse of love
Vina Morales and Denise Laurel both admit that they can relate to their characters when it comes to love in ABS-CBN’s newest afternoon drama series “Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita.”
“I can really relate to Cecilia’s life because we both have to be strong as single moms for our children. Like her, I have become tougher as a person and as a mother because of my experiences in love,” said Vina about her role in one of the newest Kapamilya Gold teleseryes.
According to Denise, she can see herself in the personality of her character Toni when it comes to love. “For me, Toni and I share similarities when we fall in love because we are both ready to sacrifice and do everything to let our loved ones know how we feel for them,” she said.
Meanwhile, TV viewers will surely be more thrilled in the next episodes of “Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita” now that teen stars Jane Oineza, Jerome Ponce, Joshua Garcia, and Loisa Andalio will soon appear in the series as Corinne, Ryan, Joel, and Bea, respectively.
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