Ryan learns Corrine is Leandro's daughter
In Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita, Ryan found out that Corrine is Leandro’s daughter so he decided to give the bouquet of flowers he bought to his ex-girlfriend.

Later, Joel invited Corrine to attend his birthday party. He told her that Cecilia, who is starting her catering business, will cater his party. Nonetheless, Corrine said that she will still attend.

Consequently, Joel informed Cecilia that he invited Corrine. Cecilia told him that he may invite whoever he wants to as it is his birthday anyway.

Meanwhile, Ryan confronted Corrine at the university. He thought that either his sister or Leandro ordered Corrine to enroll in the same school to monitor him.

What will Corrine answer Ryan? Will she still be able to attend Joel’s birthday party?

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