Cecilia learns that Toni is pregnant with Leandro’s child
On Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita, Leandro and his mistress, Toni continued with their affair.

Toni soon becomes pregnant and asked her friend, Kristel to keep it a secret from Leandro. However, Kristel still informed Leandro about it. Toni eventually confirmed it and assured him that she will raise the baby alone so his family will not know.

Later that evening, Leandro was acting sweet towards Cecilia and their children. Cecilia asked him to never cheat again as she wants him to be a good father to his children. Because of this, Leandro talked to Toni and expressed his desire to be a part of their child’s life.

Toni’s father, who was also Leandro’s boss, eventually found out that his daughter is pregnant so he angrily fired Leandro. A sad Leandro then apologized to Cecilia as he informed him of his termination.

Cecilia, wanting to help her husband, went to Leandro’s former boss and pleaded for him to give her husband another chance. The boss then angrily informed her that Leandro impregnated his daughter, Toni.

Cecilia, shocked by the revelation, cried and asked Leandro to move out. Their daughters, Corinne and Bea wanted their father to stay, but Leandro went away. Cecilia, on the other hand, remembered her own experience when her father left her.  

Meanwhile, Leandro and Toni saw each other and hugged. Cecilia and her daughters, on the other hand, moved away from their home.


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