Cecilia finds her father
Cecilia, heartbroken after seeing Leandro kissing another girl, wandered around the streets and fell unconscious. Unknown to her, her father Paciano came to her rescue but eventually left her under the store owner’s care as he was in a hurry. Cecilia woke up and showed Paciano’s picture to the store owner, asking if he recognizes him. The store owner said yes and gave her father’s address.

Cecilia went to Paciano’s house and saw him. However, she also saw his new wife. Cecilia went home upset and told her mother what happened. Turns out, Dolores already knew about this. She recalled the time when she and Paciano saw each other, surprised to discover that he cheated on them. Dolores ended everything between them with Paciano apologizing from afar.

Later, Cecilia rejected Leandro’s tutoring services. Leandro decided to talk to her about it when his friend, Allan came by and asked Cecilia on a date to the ball. The next day, Leandro asked Cecilia to go with him instead.    

However, Cecilia went with Allan. Even though she and Leandro went with different dates, they kept on glancing at each other. Leandro later saw Allan forcing Cecilia to leave with him so he came to her rescue.

Afterwards, Leandro and Cecilia then admitted their feelings for each other. At first, Cecilia hesitated as she wants to finish her education without any distraction but Leandro assured her of his support. The two kissed under the pouring rain.

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