Michael and Mikmik’s heartwarming and inspiring father and daughter journey in Nang Ngumiti ang Langit
Michael and Mikmik s heartwarming and inspiring father and daughter journey in Nang Ngumiti ang Langit 1

On Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit, the father and daughter journey of Michael Villaluna (RK Bagatsing) and Mikmik (Sophia Reola) has taught us that creating an unbreakable bond as a family is certainly the greatest weapon one could ever have in every battle in life. Amidst the feud between the Salvadors and the Villalunas, they found their way towards each other and managed to endure all the complicated and hurtful challenges that kept on plaguing them.

Mikmik is Michael’s daughter with Ella (Kaye Abad), who is a Salvador. Coming from the clashing families, Michael and Ella were separated. Everyone believed that Michael accidentally killed Ella’s half-brother Eric (Rafa Siguion Reyna), so he was imprisoned for several years, unaware of the fact that he had a daughter with Ella. Meanwhile, Mikmik never knew about him as well and lived with Ella at a barrio, away from the Salvadors and the Villalunas. That was until Ella died from cancer, and Mikmik was introduced to the Salvadors through Ruth (Matet De Leon) and Benjie (Keempee De Leon), the couple whom Ella entrusted Mikmik with.

Shortly after Mikmik started to live with the Salvadors, Michael was freed from imprisonment. Being taught by her grandmother Divina Salvador (Pilar Pilapil) that Michael is a bad guy, Mikmik was extremely frightened when she first met Michael face-to-face, at the time when Benjie could have revealed about their true connection.


Despite what happened, fate brought Michael and Mikmik together again when she got lost due to Amber’s (Krystal Mejes) wickedness. Finding Mikmik inside the boat on the shore, Michael took her and hid her to protect Mikmik from being harmed. Lost at a remote forest with each other, Michael and Mikmik had the chance to form a special bond. However, after finding their way back to their families, Michael and Mikmik had to separate and keep their relationship a secret, knowing that Divina would be furious if she knew about their friendship.


Still unaware of their real connection, Michael and Mikmik’s secret friendship continued. They sent letters to each other and after noticing that Mikmik’s letter contained the same sentences in Ella’s last letter to him, Michael started to get suspicious of Mikmik’s identity and started to investigate about her. With the help of his brother James (Enzo Pineda), Michael discovered the truth about Mikmik. Ruth and Benjie also came to help him reunite with his daughter, knowing that Divina intended to adopt Mikmik and separate her from him.


Although Divina did every effort to separate them, the perfect timing finally came for Michael to be reunited with her daughter Mikmik. After Mikmik and Amber were kidnapped, Michael took the chance to rescue Mikmik and get his daughter from Divina. The night Michael introduced himself as a father to Mikmik, he explained the reason behind all the secrecy and lies Mikmik grew up with and why he and Ella were separated from each other.


At last, Mikmik is home with Michael. They began a blissful life together and Michael strived make the best of every moment with her daughter Mikmik.


Together, they visit Ella’s grave and Michael made Mikmik understand the root of the feud between the Salvadors and the Villalunas by discussing to her the history of their families involving Mikmik’s grandparents. As Mikmik decided to give up the fortune she will inherit from the Salvadors to help in achieving peace between the two families, Michael assured her that he will support, protect and nurture her as long as he lives.


True to his word, Michael strived to foster a harmonious father and daughter relationship between him and Mikmik He made sure to always be present at Mikmik’s side in good and bad times, no matter how busy he is. They sit down and talk about everything, especially in facing tough situations, like when Katrina (Cristine Reyes) claimed that Michael is the father of her daughter Amber.


When Mikmik did something wrong, Michael knew how to correct her. After the revelation of the truth about Amber’s fake paternity test, Britney (Heart Ramos) ran away from the Salvador mansion and went straight to Mikmik’s house. Mikmik hid Britney in her room and did not say where she was even while people were looking for her. She would lie to Michael about Britney’s whereabouts until her father himself found her in her room. As Mikmik apologized about this, Michael forgave her and explained to Mikmik why her actions were wrong. 


Even though Mikmik is his daughter, Michael also let himself learn from his child. As he opened up to Mikmik about grandpa David Villaluna’s (Dante Rivero) imperfections, Mikmik reminded Michael that loving his father is still the right thing to do. Due to his great love for his daughter, Michael learned to forgive his father.


Ultimately, when Michael fell in love with nurse Grace (Shaina Magdayao), he did not let his emotions get ahead of himself and valued Mikmik’s opinion. Nurse Grace was Divina’s private nurse, and she became the key to discovering the truth behind the tampering of Amber’s paternity test. Although Michael is aware that Mikmik has already formed a good friendship with Grace, he still asked for his daughter’s permission and clarified the matter with her before he courted the woman he loves.


Indeed, Michael and Mikmik’s stirring father and daughter journey has greatly inspired us to achieve the same cordial relationship with our families. They both give each other good advice, are always there to listen, understand and forgive each other’s shortcomings. At the same time, Michael and Mikmik also knew how to respectfully correct and remind each other of the good things in life.

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