How Ruth and Benjie stood as loving second parents to Mikmik in Nang Ngumiti ang Langit
How Ruth and Benjie stood as loving second parents to Mikmik in Nang Ngumiti ang Langit 1

Before Ella (Kaye Abad) passed away, Ruth (Matet De Leon) and Benjie (Keempee De Leon) promised her that they would take good care of her dear daughter Mikmik (Sophia Reola). True to their promise, the couple did everything they can to fulfill their promise. They took Mikmik, welcomed the little girl in their family with open arms and tried their best to provide for her, including Mikmik’s daily and schooling needs.

Aside from providing Mikmik’s needs and treating her kindly as if she were their own daughter, Ruth and Benjie did their best to protect Mikmik from harm. They kept Mikmik away from Katrina (Cristine Reyes), the wicked, merciless and selfish woman who loves to insult people and make Mikmik’s life a living hell.

Whenever Mikmik is down and out, Ruth and Benjie would do whatever they can to cheer her up. They speak words of wisdom and encourage Mikmik to keep on loving people and keep on fighting, no matter how tough the situation is. Also, they celebrate all of Mikmik’s successes, no matter how big or small, just like how they does to their biological son Joseph (Miguel Vergara).

Personally, Ruth reminds Mikmik that she does not intend to replace Ella as her mother. Instead, she tells Mikmik how she and Benjie want to become the best guardians or foster parents they could be for her.

When Mikmik ran away from Divina’s (Pilar Pilapil) mansion where their family was residing at first, Ruth and Benjie searched relentlessly for Mikmik. That time, Benjie who held himself back a little in embracing Mikmik as his own daughter, realized how precious Mikmik is to him and his family.

As a father, Benjie strived to erase all of Mikmik’s worries and helped the young girl obtain peace of mind amid being greatly affected by the feud between her biological parents’ families, which are the Salvadors and the Villalunas.

When they saw how the feud between the Salvadors and the Villalunas has hurt Mikmik, Ruth and Benjie decided to argue and go against Divina and fought for Mikmik’s welfare. They spoke up, even if it meant losing their jobs.

However, sometimes gaining victory means surrender. Having Mikmik’s biological father Michael (RK Bagatsing) by their side, Ruth and Benjie bowed down to Divina’s demand and left Mikmik at the Salvador mansion. They sacrificed to be separated from Mikmik for a few weeks, so that they can ensure Mikmik’s welfare and make sure that Michael will be reunited with Mikmik in the right way.

The perfect timing came for Ruth and Benjie to reunite with Mikmik happened when the young girl was kidnapped with Amber (Krystal Mejes). After that incident, they took care of Mikmik at the hospital. That moment, they also knew it was the right time to tell Mikmik the truth about her biological father Michael.

Even though Mikmik has already been reunited with her biological father, Ruth and Benjie were always there for Mikmik. With Michael’s consent, the couple chose to reside with Mikmik in Michael’s house, along with their son Joseph. Ruth and Benjie had their second child, but they still did not neglect Mikmik. From beginning to end, they certainly showed selfless love towards Mikmik, as if she were their own child.

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