EXCLUSIVE: Cristine Reyes waited years for first-ever kontrabida role in Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit
EXCLUSIVE Cristine Reyes waited years for first ever kontrabida role in Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit 1

After 16 years in the industry, Cristine Reyes has never been this excited in being part of a teleserye.

Next week, Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit premieres and a much-awaited attraction is the character Cristine plays—Katrina, the actress’ first-ever antagonist role, which she waited for years.

“I asked for this role years ago and finally it’s been given,” Cristine tells ABS-CBN.com Entertainment in an exclusive interview.

Raising hell

Katrina is the daughter-in-law of the Salvador clan matriarch Divina (Pilar Pilapil), who would raise hell on the poor child protagonist Mikmik (Sophie Reola) after she was forced under their care due to the untimely death of her mom Ella (Kaye Abad), a love child of Divina’s husband. Katrina blames Ella and Mikmik’s imprisoned father Michael (RK Bagatsing), a member of their rival Villaluna clan, for the death of her husband, the sole Salvador heir Eric (Rafa Siguion-Reyna).

“I like it,” Cristine declared. “I like it because I can play with my role not the usual na umiiyak, kawawa. So, sa akin kasi there’s a lot of dimensions. Before I was the kawawa and the victim. Now, I can do another dimension na, ‘hey I can also do this.’ I can also be a kontrabida.”

Cristine noted that there will be scenes wherein she would infuriate viewers, especially in those with Sophia. But she added that her portrayal would offer different sides of the character that people can relate to and understand, something she said was difficult.

“At the same time, the challenge is (being both being a) kontrabida and nakakaawa,” she said.

Intense passion

The role again showcases Cristine’s intense passion for her craft, as seen in her past dramas—from her breakthrough lead role in Eva Fonda in 2009 to her last major teleserye, Tubig at Langis, in 2016, all of which highlighted her brilliance, fierceness, and tenacity as an actress.

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Cristine said being effective in such portrayals needs a thorough understanding of the character with the end goal of believability onscreen.

“If you understand the role, your character, you would automatically know your reaction to your co-actor,” she said. “It’s basically how you are as a person. And if you really imbibe that character, you will be believable.”

But what motivates her to keep on striving to be at her peak at all times, especially now that she’s appearing on several film projects on top of her lead role in Nang Ngumiti Sa Langit? It’s something close to her heart.


“It all goes down to being a mother. It really changed my life,” Cristine notes, emphasizing how her daughter Amarah keeps her strong and driven.

“Right now parang meron nang goal, meron nang focus eh. Before, nothing, no motivation. Parang it’s just me working and I don’t know why I’m working. And now, after ‘yung mga ginawa ko dati, parang I’m more driven. And I want to do better. I want to be successful. That was really different five years ago, ever since I started.”

Starting again

And, even if she has been in the business for over a decade, having her daughter by her side to care for and love makes her believe there’s still more to gain and achieve.

“I’m just starting again. I’m not saying I’m fulfilled. I’m just on my way there. I want to be successful,” Cristine emphasized.

But what really is success for Cristine? She made it clear.

“I just need to work double time this time because I want to give my daughter the best education plus also I want to secure my future,” she said.

Watch Cristine at her best on Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit, premiering on Monday, March 25, before It’s Showtime.