How Miguel Vergara showcased his exceptional acting talent as Joseph in Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit
How Miguel Vergara showcased his exceptional acting talent as Joseph in Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit 1

Child actor Miguel Vergara first took the spotlight as Angel Locsin’s sickly son named Bochok in the 2012 Star Cinema film “One More Try.” During that stint, Miguel’s acting brilliance was immediately recognized, having been awarded Best Child Performer in the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival, and the Best Child Performer of the Year in the 61st FAMAS Awards, both for the aforementioned film. With his exceptional talent, he became part of various Kapamilya teleseryes, including Halik, Tubig at Langis, Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon, Dyesebel and many more. He also appeared on TV anthologies such as Wansapanataym, Ipaglaban Mo and Maalaala Mo Kaya.

Now, starring as Ruth (Matet De Leon) and Benjie’s (Keempee De Leon) adorably naughty yet kind-hearted son named Joseph Dimagmaliw, Miguel proved that he could certainly be the next versatile lead actor we all should watch out for in the entertainment industry. Before we say goodbye to his delightful character in Nang Ngumiti ang Langit, let us look back at how he has warmed our hearts in his most remarkable moments as Joseph.

One of the most endearing things about Joseph is his cleverness. For them not to be late in school, he once poured a dipper-full of water on Mikmik (Sophia Reola), whom he caught sleeping inside the comfort room. When he learned that Mikmik lacked some sleep because of she helped Britney (Heart Ramos) in her school project, Joseph advised Mikmik to be careful not to get caught by Amber (Krystal Mejes) and Katrina (Cristine Reyes).

Another best thing about Joseph is how his comical nature shines even during his emotional moments. At the time Mikmik went missing, Joseph and Britney prayed together. Along with touching our hearts, they also made us smile with the genuineness of their prayers.

Behind his funny personality, it is clear how much Joseph cares for his family, which includes Mikmik. Thus, he can’t help but question Mikmik’s kindness towards Amber, who always tried to hurt them several times. Nevertheless, when Mikmik pleaded him to accept her decision, Joseph’s heart easily softened and promised to strive in being nice towards Amber as well.

At his young age, Joseph already knows the value of having dignity. Therefore, when Divina (Pilar Pilapil) accused his parents of being robbers, it was heartbreaking to witness how hurt he was but at the same time, it was admirable how he took a stand for his parents.

Like most children, Joseph often lets his emotions dictate his actions. However, he also listens to his mother Ruth, who knows how to talk to him and make him understand the complicated matters that surround them. Hence, he agreed with Ruth that instead of worrying for Mikmik, he and his mother would protect our beloved protagonist with all their might.

Among the kids in the show, Joseph is probably the worst when it comes to hiding secrets. Upon knowing that Ruth was pregnant, he did a “walling act” knowing that he will be a “kuya” to his sibling. As he rejoiced, he told the great news to everyone in the house, unaware that Ruth did not want anyone to know about it yet at that time.

Aside from being Mikmik’s best friend and foster brother, Joseph is also her most trusted “partner in crime.” One of the top-secret missions they did together was when they conducted a secret investigation regarding Amber’s claim of being Michael’s daughter.

Finally, whenever Mikmik felt down, Joseph was always by her side to comfort her. When Mikmik was sad about Britney leaving after knowing the truth about Amber’s fake claims of being Michael’s daughter, Joseph would spend time with her and console her.

With his impeccable performance, we definitely cannot imagine anyone else playing as the cute Joseph other than Miguel Vergara.

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