How Ruth has become an endearing foster mom for Mikmik on Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit

The harrowing demise of her mom Ella (Kaye Abad) due to cancer might have gained her an angel in heaven, but it also brought Mikmik (Sophia Reola) her two new families here on earth – the Salvadors, who are her relatives, and the Dimagmaliws, who are her mother’s closest friends.

Unfortunately, although it’s to the former to whom she has consanguinity, it is to the latter to whom she has formed filial affinity. It’s because instead of them giving the warmth and affection she needs, the remaining members of the Salvador clan maltreat and even deprive her of her needs as a growing child.

Thankfully, Ruth (Matet de Leon), along with her husband Benjie (Keempee De Leon) and their son Joseph (Miguel Vergara), is there to accompany Mikmik as she tread through life with no parents at her side to love, nurture, and guide them at a very young age. Personifying the definition of their surname which is “unwavering” or “unfaltering”, the Dimagmaliws have indeed unconditionally accepted Mikmik to their family as they treat her as one.

So with the Mother’s Day Celebration fast-approaching, let’s take a look back on some of the moments when Ruth wonderfully exhibited her motherly affection towards Mikmik on Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit:

With her primary duty of protecting the welfare of Mikmik as the foster mom, Ruth had a heated argument with Benjie as he secretly took the young girl somewhere to finally meet her biological estranged father Michael Villaluna (RK Bagatsing), who Mikmik has been yearning to see since she was little.

Mikmik might deserve to know him, but Ruth firmly refuses the idea because she’s certain that it would only negatively affect her since it was Michael who was named as the suspect to the murder of her deceased Uncle Eric (Rafa Siguion-Reyna).

Despite being her immediate relatives, the Salvadors have treated her harshly, particularly her domineering Lola Divina (Pilar Pilapil), wicked Aunt Katrina (Cristine Reyes) and her rude cousin Amber (Krysta Mejes), and even made her feel unaccepted.

This made our beloved young protagonist feel regretful of letting herself be taken to the mansion and dismayed that they are her family. But Ruth came to the rescue to console her and remind Mikmik that her true family is them – her, Tito Benjie, Joseph, and her Lola Esther (Ces Quesada) – and that they truly love her with all their hearts.

With Ella’s old, torn photograph as the only remembrance Mikmik has of her mom, Ruth did everything she could just to recover it and gave it back to her. Of course, this painted a huge, bright smile onto the child’s face who already misses her dead mom so much!

As the Salvadors continue to treat her cruelly, Mikmik had come to the decision to pack all her things and return to her Lola Esther, who despite just being a family friend has showed her nothing but kindness. However, Ruth did not let it happen since she wanted Mikmik to stay with them in the mansion and be with her real family. She did everything to persuade her – from chasing her and telling her that she’s willing to sacrifice whatever they have, even their job, just for the four of them to be together.

This sentiment of Mikmik came from Katrina’s statement that she would kick the Dimagmaliws out of the mansion if Mikmik would not leave.

After her Lola Divina crumpled and threw away her test paper that she wanted her to see, Mikmik had gone low-spirited. So to cheer her up, as well as to reward her for the high score she got in their exams, Ruth brought her out to have ice cream! That might not be extravagant, but it was enough to bring back the vigor and glow of Mikmik.

Being the evil aunt that she is, Katrina forced Mikmik to wear a maid’s uniform and told her that her mom Ella used to don a similar garb during the time she stayed with them. That scene totally irked Ruth, thus she suddenly took the poor girl away and took off the uniform. Katrina confronted her, to which she courageously retorted that it’s not right to treat nor talk to Mikmik that way. She does not deserve to be belittled nor be bullied.

Since she’s the foster parent, part of Ruth’s responsibility to provide the needs of Mikmik, such as education. Thus, it was indeed delighting to see her attending to the needs of Mikmik at school from enrolling her up to buying the things she’d need, like her school uniform.

With the sacrifices she did and the efforts she exuded in order to still give Mikmik a normal life amidst the painful experiences she has to hurdle, Ruth has somehow filled the void left by Ella and has turned to become a great parent for Mikmik.