How Mikmik inspires people through her good deeds on Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit

It may have only been running for three weeks, yet the daytime series Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit has already succeeded in capturing our hearts with its stirring plot and admirable ensemble spearheaded by the young and talented young actress Sophia Reola, who portrays the adorable Mikmik.

Within that period, it has also kept us hooked on every episode through the morals the lead character demonstrates and inculcates to the minds of the audiences, old and young alike.

Let’s reminisce some of the valuable life lessons this young girl has reminded us through this special feature. 

Cheating is, and will always be, bad

Despite their plight, the late Ella (Kaye Abad) indeed did a great job in raising her bright unica hija with good manners and right conduct. She taught Mikmik to defend herself from the bullies and to never let herself be defeated by them.

Besides, Ella also reminded her not to share her assignments with her lazy classmates because she strongly believed, “Walang mangongopya kung walang magpapakopya”, which Mikmik failed to remember when her best friend bribed her with an imported bar of chocolate.

Learn to appreciate the big and small things

Growing up impoverished, Mikmik has learned how to be appreciative with the great and small efforts exerted by other people for her. Although her Tita Ruth (Matet de Leon) didn’t ask for her to return the money she spent to buy her uniform, Mikmik voluntarily gave the few money she earned that was supposed to be used for Ella’s medication.

Real courage means humbly accepting rejections

Instead of picking a fight nor turning into a crybaby when her cousins Amber (Krystal Mejes) and Britney (Heart Ramos) refused to play with her, Mikmik just meekly accepted their rejection and slowly turned her back at them. Well, that’s what real bravery looks like, right?

Never belittle others, especially your parents

Raised by a mom who used to be a maid and being taken care of by a kindhearted house helper at the present, Mikmik has never been ashamed of that job and even expressed how she takes pride in wearing the servant uniform Katrina (Cristine Reyes) “gifted” her.

Value education

While there are youngsters out there who take education for granted or are lazy in going to school, Mikmik doesn’t waste every opportunity that she can study, regardless of the hindrances she has to hurdle or the situation she is in, although it would mean having to stay in the guard house.

Honesty is the best policy

It may sound cliché, but honesty will always be the best policy. Amidst the threats she got from her faux best friend Joseph (Miguel Vergara), Mikmik still wasn’t able to control herself from spilling the offense they committed from her Tita Ruth. In the first place, it has never been in Mikmik’s personality to lie.

Unconditional benevolence

In spite of the rejections she obtained from her cousins, Mikmik still willingly offered her help to Britney, who has been secretly nice to her. Upon seeing how she seemed stress over her school project, Mikmik approached Britney to ask her what her homework is about then told her that she’s eager to lend her hand.

May the values and good deeds of Mikmik in Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit be engraved onto our hearts and minds.