Most heart-rending, tear-jerking moments of Ella and Mikmik in Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit

There’s indeed no greater love than the love of a parent to his/her child. And that’s what the solid and admirable relationship the mother-daughter tandem of Ella (Kaye Abad) and Mikmik (Sophia Reola) had showcased on the pilot week of the daytime series Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit.

Let’s reminisce the touching moments they shared together that reminded us what genuine and unconditional love looks like.

Despite having to raise Mikmik singlehandedly and in poverty, Ella was still able to unbelievably fill her with overflowing affection and nurtured her into becoming a morally upright kid.

They've gone through a lot of terrible things yet they still managed to live a blissful and simple life, as seen on the scenes included in this video that also evoke the memories we had too with our parents or kids.

Being too passionate with the responsibility she vowed to as a community health worker, the simple surprise birthday party Ella organized for her unica hija almost did not push through. However, since she loved her so much, she still made it possible and told the emotional Mikmik, "Alam mo, ipaglalaban ko bawat araw para maging masaya ka. Pangako ko 'yon, ‘di ba?". Heartwarming, indeed.

We are taught by our parents to control ourselves and never retaliate to those who crossed us. But if the bully continues to oppress us and we know we are on the right side, it's time for us to fight back in order to defend ourselves and for them to learn their lessons as well.

Just like what Ella instilled to Mikmik when a playmate of her relentlessly picked on her. Although her opponent was huge and powerful, she urged her to take back what was truly hers and face him with utmost courage.

In every relationship, having misunderstandings is absolutely inevitable.

After being summoned to the principal's office because of the "copying issue" she got involved in, Mikmik felt resentment against her mom for not defending her like what the moms of her classmates did. But being a straitlaced person that she was, Ella imposed to her that there's a right and wrong of helping others and she just made sure that she wouldn't be harmed.

However, upon hearing from Mikmik that a classmate of her called her "putok sa buho" (born out of wedlock), Ella did not hesitate to confront the mom of that kid and told her and her child to respect Mikmik.

Apart from good manners and right conduct, another valuable lesson Ella inculcated to Mikmik was how to take good care of plants, which the latter keeps in mind even beyond the former's death.

But that wasn't only a plain gardening tutorial for she also related it with how life goes. Just like in plants, we have to uproot the dead parts of us in order to live and flourish and we have to shower it with water, care, and affection for it to stay alive.

That also served us a premonition when Ella uttered, "May mamamatay pero may patuloy na mabubuhay."

And this is undeniably the most heartbreaking and tear-jerking scene we've ever seen between this mother-daughter tandem.

After seeing blood running from her mom's nose, Mikmik got worried so she made an effort to research about her possible condition and most of the results she gained said that it might be cancer.

As soon as she arrived home, she immediately confronted Ella and asked her, "May cancer ka po ba? Magiging angel ka na rin po ba?" And that's when tears started rolling down our cheeks.

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