Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit cast bonding behind the cameras

Considering all the family feuds on Nang Ngumiti ang Langit, can you imagine what being on set is like? Well, it turns out the cast members are more than happy to bond and share a laugh or two. RK Bagatsing and Moi Bien posted on their respective Instagram accounts exactly what happens when the cameras are turned off.

In one IG story, Moi Bien uploaded their version of the Dalagang Pilipina Challenge. The video features her along with Sophia Reola, Krystal Mejes, Heart Ramos and Miguel Vergara.

Aside from playing games, these child stars also use their free time to study and go through the script. “Sipag nila. Direk, very good talaga sila,” Moi Bien’s voice could be heard in the short clip. On the other hand, have you met the “Pamilyang budots”? Matet de Leon, Keempee de Leon and Miguel seem to really enjoy being a family.

RK is another cast member who offered exclusive sneak peeks to his followers on the Gram from a selfie after getting his make-up done to a snap of a scene with Enzo Pineda. There was a short clip revealing what it was like on set at 10:39 in a Thursday evening. Another has a time stamp of “1:25am Friday”. Right before the video ends, he gives his fans a glimpse of his carved-out abs. “Bati na tayo please,” he wrote on one muted IG story featuring Pilar Pilapil. Whatever it is he is apologizing for, we are sure they are friends again.

Michael is questioning how Mikmik knows the contents of Ella’s letter to him. Divina wants to officially become Mikmik’s guardian. Katrina will do everything to stop Mikmik from becoming part of the family. Nang Ngumiti ang Langit still has so much to offer its viewers which means you can also expect more behind-the-scenes moments from the cast! So, do not miss the latest episodes from Mondays to Fridays, before It’s Showtime