REVIEW: Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit’s pilot week shows captivating narrative, top-caliber acting

Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit surely lived up to its promise of offering a captivating narrative, accentuated by exceptional acting of its cast that made its pilot week remarkable.

This new daytime series is about to definitely brighten up our days not just through the astounding performance and irresistible cuteness of its adorable lead protagonist, but through the following reasons why we’ll surely get hooked with the episodes to come:

Swift yet well-presented narrative

The pacing of Ella’s (Kaye Abad) history might be fast, but we were still able to grasp the story easily because of how the script was written exceptionally and how the sequences were helmed impressively. There were some points in the series, especially on the pilot episode, in which many questions probably befuddled the minds of the viewers but all we could do is to either remain patient and wait for it to be answered on the next episodes or just made our own assumptions on why and how that certain chunk of the story transpired.

Relatable and touching scenes

If there’s one aspect Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit is definitely rich in, it’s probably in scenes that are truly tear-jerking and heart-rending. We actually lost count on how many times tears welled on our eyes and our heartstrings got tugged because we got completely engrossed in every second of it.

There’s actually a lot of moments wherein we could identify with, but we’re certain that what moved us the most were that of the lead character Mikmik (Sophia Reola) and her mom Ella. A lot of parents out there, either you’re a mom or a dad, and either you’re nurturing your kid singlehandedly or with a partner, were able to see themselves on Ella – on the sacrifices she did in order to raise her unica hija well in a simple yet decent life and what she could do to protect her.

At the same time, we’re also able to relate with Mikmik as she serves as a role model to every one of us when it comes to how we should treat our parents and the other people around us. She made us realize that despite her tender age, it still possible for her to help and fend for herself.

Intense confrontations

Before we’re able to witness those dramatic scenarios between Mikmik and Ella, we immediately saw ourselves on the edge of our seats and our eyes glued on the screen due to the action-packed scenes included in the first episodes. There’s the intense argument between Michael (RK Bagatsing) and David (Dante Rivero) at the the Villaluna residence, the riot caused by the fistfight between Eric (Rafa Siguion-Reyna) and James (Enzo Pineda) in a club, and the fatal skirmish among Michael, Eric, and James that ensued to the tragic death of the Salvador scion. We already can’t wait on the next impactful face-offs since the trailer teased us that Cristine Reyes’ antagonistic character Katrina will bring doom in the life of Mikmik.

Top-caliber acting

Certainly, every scene would not be remarkable nor be faultless if not for the compelling performance of every actor behind the characters that we have learned to already love or hate just on the pilot week. Pilar Pilapil, Dante Rivero, and Cristine Reyes indeed succeed in making us despise them because of how they effectively portray their scheming and ruthless characters. We haven’t seen much of the RK Bagatsing and Enzo Pineda yet but they were able to introduce us their respective characters and gave us a glimpse somehow on how their characters will probably fare in the future.

Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit also allowed us to see Kaye Abad in a different light because even though she has already played mother roles in the past projects she did, being a mother in real life perhaps has helped her to commendably give life to Ella with utter intensity and believability.

Lastly, Sophia has already proven to all of us that she truly deserved to be bestowed the lead character due to her promising and impeccable portrayal of Mikmik, not to mention that this is her first starring role.

The other actors who lent their thespic flairs and brilliance as well through their special participation in this series are also worthy of our praises because of how they excellently did their parts.

Valuable life lessons

It’s actually hard to enumerate the morals we’ve picked up just on its first five episodes because they are undoubtedly too plenty. But if there’s one thing that consistently resonates to us is that we should always fight every day for the happiness our loved-ones. Remember what Michael promised to Ella when he proposed to her, which the latter vowed to do to their lovechild Mikmik on her 9th birthday? If this is not touching enough, we don’t know what will.

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