How Barbie humorously changed from annoying helper to kindhearted guardian in Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit

This right-hand woman of the evil Katrina (Cristine Reyes) piqued all of us at first in Nang Ngumiti ang Langit. Nevertheless, when Mikmik (Sophia Reola) came into her life, Barbie (Moi Bien) became a more selfless and caring person we all loved and looked forward to see each day in the show.

In our first glimpse of her, one thing was clear about Barbie: her character is grounded on loyalty. More than doing her best in taking care of Katrina’s two precious girls, Amber (Krystal Mejes) and Britney (Heart Ramos), she stood by her employer’s side and did whatever she can to help Katrina solve her problems. Barbie was even rude towards Ruth (Matet De Leon) and Mikmik at first, just to make Katrina happy.

Barbie believed that there is still a hint of goodness in Katrina’s heart, which is the side of being a mother. So even though she knew about their dirty little secrets, like when Katrina covered up Amber’s awful deeds, such as putting Mikmik’s life in danger, Barbie kept her mouth shut about the matter and chose to protect them and their secrets.

However, as she continued to live with Mikmik in the same house, Barbie’s heart gradually softened. Mikmik’s goodness touched Barbie and made her feel appreciated and loved. Therefore, aside from fulfilling her responsibilities as a helper to Katrina and her two girls, Barbie started to care for Mikmik.

At the time when she could no longer bear in her conscience to stand by Katrina’s side, Barbie did what she can and what she thought was the right thing to do. She confessed her wrongdoings towards Mikmik and asked for Ruth’s forgiveness, along with spilling the information about Divina’s (Pilar PIlapil) adoption plans for Mikmik. This contributed greatly to Mikmik reunion with her father Michael (RK Bagatsing).

Influenced by Mikmik, helping others became a more frequent thing for Barbie. Amid the very complicated war between the Salvadors and the Villalunas, she did what she can to help make things better, even if it was just telling a joke to make everyone around her feel better. With her comical personality, she can easily make the situation a bit light even for just a while.

As she continued to transform into becoming a better person, Barbie also eventually questioned if Katrina was still deserving of her loyalty. She began to doubt that sticking with Katrina and being her most loyal helper was still the right thing to do. That time, Barbie chose to focus on her concern for the kids. She settled with knowing that being with Katrina was the best option for her, so she can still take care of Amber and Britney.

But no matter how hardworking, loyal or kind she is, Barbie realized that Katrina will never appreciate her. When Katrina influenced Amber to do household chores in hopes to gain Michael’s trust, an incident occurred where Barbie failed to watch over Amber, who accidentally tripped. Amber only had a sprain but she pretended that her ankle was dislocated, which led Katrina to fire Barbie. Fortunately, Michael was quick to help Barbie.

Eventually, the perfect time came for Barbie to avenge herself after all the maltreatment she experienced with Katrina. When she found out that Katrina was the brains behind a housebreaking incident that almost cost her life, Barbie rushed to slap Katrina and quit her job as her helper.

Watch Barbie let love reign in her heart by standing by the adorable kids she considers as her own on Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit in the show’s final episodes all this week before It’s Showtime.