Jane & Ejay Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin Toplist

In her game of revenge, Olivia (Jane Oineza) has found a new ally in Elias (Ejay Falcon). And their partnership has ignited sparks of chemistry, so much so viewers are yearning for a deeper connection between these characters. In this Friday 5 video are scenes of Olivia and Elias that made fans anticipate a romantic twist in their dynamic in “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin.”

The first clip in this video montage transports us to the moment they crossed paths. Elias gallantly saved Olivia from death by fighting her kidnappers. The stranger’s generosity unfolded as he provided Olivia with more than just safety. He offered her food and shelter. This not only showcased his protective nature but also laid the foundation for their bond.

It was then revealed that Elias is the illegitimate son of Javier Buencamino (Richard Quan) and that his mother has suffered at the hands of Javier’s wife, Victoria (Maila Gumila). Therefore, just like Olivia, he’s also bent on exacting revenge on the Buencaminos. The shared experiences and adversaries prompted them to join forces.

In a heartwarming scene, Elias talked to Olivia, saying that he would make sure that she doesn’t return to the mental hospital where Victoria forcibly sent her to. It was also revealed that the woman Olivia encountered in the mental institution was none other than Elias’ mother.

As their alliance continues to deepen, Elias has taken the role of mentor, teaching Olivia self-defense and the secrets to winning a war.

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