15 times Amanda defined true friendship by supporting Olivia in “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin”

Trapped in a dangerous game of revenge, Olivia (Jane Oineza) must be careful of who to trust. That’s why she’s lucky to have found Amanda (Jef Gaitan), the best friend who breathes courage and comfort into her, especially when the fight for justice becomes difficult. She empowers her and makes her even more unstoppable when it comes to fighting for her truth.

These scenes from Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin, as compiled by Kapamilya Toplist, prove that Amanda will always have Olivia’s back.

She was her confidante when nightmares about her past began to feel confusing. She would tell her comforting words like it’s normal for a person with amnesia to experience such an event. When Olivia, then-known as Claire, started getting her memory back, the first thing she did was run to Amanda for answers. In their conversation, Amanda admitted that she knew nothing about Olivia when she was introduced by Philip (JC de Vera) as his wife. She promised that there would be no secrets between them from then on and that she would not hesitate to drop everything to be there for her.

“Simula ngayon, kaibigan mo ako,” these were Amanda’s sincere words when Olivia was desperate for company. It was when Olivia just learned about Philip’s sham and decided to live with her original husband, Lucas (Tony Labrusca), despite the latter’s possible involvement in her parents’ death. Amanda knows that she can’t change her friend’s mind, but she doesn’t forget to remind her to be careful since the Buencaminos are dangerous people.

She will stick to her no matter what. Memory loss, heartbreak, and the battle for justice are some of the biggest problems that Olivia has encountered. But because she has Amanda, she feels like there’s somebody to lessen the weight of her problems.

A shoulder to cry on, she opened her doors for Olivia when the latter ran away from Lucas, who was then starting to reveal his monstrous side. She’s been a big help in Olivia’s investigation of her father’s death. Together with their other friend, the journalist Sabrina (Aya Fernandez), they chart their course of action so Olivia may finally receive justice and find answers to her questions.

While her heart breaks as well whenever Olivia cries, Amanda speaks the right words – raw and tender – to uplift her friend. There was a scene where Olivia was losing hope in her case against the Buencaminos, feeling like she’s nothing compared to them. How an ordinary woman with a broken memory could win against a powerful family like them, she wondered. Then, Amanda told her that she isn’t just an ordinary woman, rather, she is a woman of courage, the kind that’s not easily crushed.

With all the tests Olivia goes through, it’s truly a blessing that she has a friend like Amanda to depend on. We know you’re rooting for this power duo. So, don’t miss an episode of Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin, Mondays to Fridays, at 3:50 pm, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.