Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin Kilig Scenes

In addition to the passionate, intimate moments that left our hearts racing, the characters in “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin” also knew how to infuse romance with a gentle touch, gifting us with the ‘feels’ of pure love. As “The Final Checkmate” finale episode airs this afternoon, let us revisit some of the most ‘kiig’ moments that happened in the series.

The moment we saw Jane Oineza and JC de Vera share screen, we were elated by their refreshing yet super-sizzling chemistry. They naturally connect and make one hot pair! Playing husband and wife in the first part of the story, the two shared pure moments of love.

As the narrative goes, Philip (JC)’s original plan was to use Olivia (Jane) as part of his revenge on Lucas (Tony Labrusca), hence giving her a new identity as Claire. But without a warning, he fell in love with his enemy’s wife. We could tell by the way he treated her wounds and helped her recover after her accident that led to amnesia. Doctors take away someone else’s pain. But in the case of Philip and Claire, she was the one who slowly healed him from the hurt of his miserable past.

The presence of Claire in his life saved him from confusion, doubt, and fear.  You could tell exactly the moment he warmed up – remember that scene where Claire gushed over their house’s paint color like a little kid? His gentle stares gave away his feelings.

He didn’t say it out loud, but Philip appreciated having a wife waiting for him at home, welcoming him with a sunny smile and warm hug after work. He had a wife who took good care of him.  And in their little moments together, Jane and JC’s on-screen chemistry felt very much the real thing – raw and organic.

Also in this video montage, the scene where they enjoyed eating strawberries in the fridge light. We bet the strawberries tasted sweet that Philip couldn’t stop himself from kissing his wife. Even the simple act of Claire asking her husband to have breakfast before leaving for work was too romantic for words.

Lucas and Melinda (Ria Atayde)’s relationship might be complicated, but they’ve had their blissful days too. They were each other’s best friend in law school. They supported each other through the challenges on campus – there was a scene where she bought him coffee to keep him energized for their next class. The perennially serious Lucas surprised Melinda with his cute side by teasing her with kisses, during that time when they agreed to start a new life together – without the remnants of Olivia’s memories.

Our hearts were filled with longing watching that scene of Olivia reminiscing her sweet times with Philip. She remembers the sincerity in his eyes when he apologized repeatedly for stealing her life, and when he confessed, “Sa lahat ng kasinungalingan na nagawa ko sa’yo isa lang du’n ang totoo. Totoong mahal kita. At para sa akin, totoo ang naging relasyon natin. Totoo ang lahat ng nararamdaman ko para sayo.” Awww!

What ‘feels’ will the series’ endgame bring us? Will it be bittersweet or plain heartache?

Let us not miss the “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin: The Final Checkmate” finale episode, today, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.