Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin Confrontations

A revenge-drama series will never be as satisfying without the no-holds-barred face-off scenes. In that case, “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin” didn’t disappoint as it delivered nothing but only the most scathing confrontations punctuated by biting sarcasm, ruthless revelations, and sometimes rapid slaps and hair-pulling.

As the countdown to “The Final Checkmate” begins, Kapamilya Toplist looks back on the hottest confrontations courtesy of the powerhouse cast of “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin.”

When “Nag-Aapoy na Damdamin” premiered, the show divided its audience into two teams – you’re either rooting for Philip Salazar (JC de Vera) or Lucas Buencamino (Tony Labrusca). The war was ignited when Philip’s father, Doctor Severino Salazar (Jeffrey Santos) failed to save the life of his best friend and Lucas’ dad, Javier Buencamino (Richard Quan) during a medical operation. Lucas and his mom Victoria (Maila Gumila) accused the Salazars of foul play upon learning that Javier allotted a huge percentage of his assets to the Salazar Medical Center in his last will.

Add to that, they got captivated by the same woman.

Let the showdown begin with a fisticuff as the two men chanced upon each other in a boxing gym. Lucas dared Philip to a sparring session that turned into a brutal and dirty match, with both of them ending up violently hurt.

While it’s normal for married couples to fight, Lucas and Melinda (Ria Atayde)’s conflicts are more intense and dramatic than the average. Only one woman triggers their biggest disputes – Olivia (Jane Oineza), Lucas’ ex-wife presumed to have died in a car crash. There was a time when Melinda noticed her husband frequenting a secret room in their house. Finally getting the chance to sneak inside the room, she felt insane catching Lucas looking at Olivia’s portrait as if he was worshiping her like a saint.

The world stopped with that unexpected meeting of Lucas and Claire, his rival’s wife who is the spitting image of his beloved Olivia. Unbeknownst to him, Claire and Olivia are the same. While Lucas was dumbfounded, Claire didn’t even flinch. Rather, she filled her eyes with burning wrath and slapped Lucas, believing that the latter bothered Philip again. These women will fight on behalf of their kings.

Learning about her true identity has brought Olivia numerous foes. Upon discovering that her life was a lie helmed by Philip, who took her from the Buencaminos and baptized her as Claire by taking advantage of her amnesia, Olivia transported her pain into carefully plotting vengeance. Joining the ranks of her adversaries is Sofia (Kim Rodriguez), the ex-girlfriend still obsessed with Philip. Well, Olivia knows exactly how to trigger her enemies, like giving Sofia a serving of reality so cold that it tastes bitter, saying that she still has Philip under her spell. The two engaged in several heated clashes, including this altercation complete with hurtful slapping and hair-pulling

Expanding her list of enemies, Olivia found herself at odds with her mother-in-law, Victoria (Maila Gumila), who, in one scene, unleashed her inner beast upon learning about Olivia’s ‘crazy’ acts. This was when Olivia sued Philip for obtaining her body and conducting plastic surgery illegally in the hospital which is now under Victoria’s ownership.

Of course, Olivia’s biggest rival would have to be Melinda, who is bent on erasing her from existence. Enjoying a game of sarcasm in one scene, Olivia (then-Claire) revealed that Lucas kissed her, much to Melinda’s fury, resulting in a ‘sampalan’ and ‘sabunutan’ spectacle.

Olivia unleashed hell on Melinda in another scene for sabotaging her certificate of reappearance. Careful not to admit anything, Melinda only said that Olivia’s missing records could only be a sign that she must go back to Philip instead. The two wives then failed to control themselves from engaging in an intense physical clash.

Viewers were filled with 'gigil' when Olivia insisted that despite being locked by the Buencaminos to a mental hospital, she remains Lucas' wife on paper and in his heart – a sentiment that Melinda can never attain. After all, Olivia said, she is irreplaceable.

You’re in for a ride as Olivia pulls out all the stops for her revenge game in “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin,” now down to its last week, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.