Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin Intimate Scenes

With a sub-plot that revolves around the characters’ complicated love journey, intimate scenes added realism, as well as excitement in “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamdin.” Here’s a Kapamilya Toplist that rounds up 10 of the hottest love scenes from the teleserye.  

The video montage opens with Lucas (Tony Labrusca) and Melinda (Ria Atayde)'s raunchy lovemaking, interspersed with Philip (JC De Vera) and Claire (Jane Oineza)’s more passionate and tender love scene.

Jane and JC got the temperature soaring with their romantic nights as a couple. This was the time when Philip took advantage of Olivia’s amnesia and gave her a new identity as Claire. In one scene, Claire dedicates herself to caring for her husband as he comes home from work, with the mood turning passionate as she helps him undress.

Claire’s sweet manner has an irresistible effect to Philip. In a scene, she prepares fruit snacks to keep him energized as he pulls an all-nighter. Philip fell in love with the gesture, so much so he failed to control himself from giving in to her delicious kisses.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Melinda’s scenes were wilder, full of thirst for the love they couldn’t seem to find in one another. The two showed intense yearning in the shower. There was also a moment when Lucas shut Melinda with an aggressive kiss.

In the middle of this list is a flashback to Philip and ex-girlfriend Sofia (Kim Rodriguez) sharing an incredibly tasteful, steamy pottery-wheel moment. Tears welled up in Sofia’s eyes as she reminisces this scene.

Even Lucas couldn’t help but replay in his head all the passionate times he’s shared with Olivia. One time, he stalked Claire, the spitting image of his ‘dead’ wife, but only to catch her in a sexy encounter with Philip.

Of course, after years apart, Lucas and Olivia celebrated their unexpected reunion in lovemaking paradise.

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