10 finest acting moments of Jane Oineza in “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin”

The narrative just keeps getting more and more intense in “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin,” thus, its lead star, Jane Oineza, makes sure to elevate each of her scenes with brilliance. Her heartbreaking, tear-stained moments make for a stellar performance that cements her status as one of the biggest actresses in the world of drama.

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One of Jane’s greatest weapons in her acting arsenal is the ability to paint emotion through the eyes. In a scene, where she finally came face-to-face with Lucas (Tony Labrusca), the latter was dumbfounded seeing his ‘dead’ wife’s spitting image, but Olivia (who was then known as Claire) didn’t even flinch. Rather, she filled her eyes with burning wrath, convinced that she, as Philip (JC de Vera)’s wife, must learn to stand up for him when needed.

Also at the core of her remarkable talent is the ability to paint her character’s intricate emotions. She communicates frustration, anger, and doubt without spoken dialogues – just tears – such as when she is finally confronted by the truth. Learning that Philip faked her identity as his wife, Olivia wept, keeping her emotions alive with her authentic performance. She let her anger out when met with memories of the accident that caused her amnesia, and how Philip took advantage of her vulnerability to use her as an instrument in his war against the Buencaminos.

Amidst the painful journey of getting to know herself and her past all over again, Olivia was also working on the truth about her parents’ deaths after taking grasp of the possibility that they were murdered by the Buencaminos.  Unable to suppress her questions and doubt, Olivia boldly confronted Lucas about his possible involvement in her parents’ passing, but only to see how brutal Lucas is. She, again, got to taste his violence. At this point, she was slowly starting to see that she was once married into a wicked family.

But the Buencaminos’ threats didn’t stop her from searching for answers. Many a time, she would reminisce her last moments and precious conversations with her parents, hoping to catch some clues that she might have missed, and at the same time, get inspiration from all the lessons they imparted.

As the plot thickened, Olivia faced another wave of trials which started when her enemies got acquitted of the criminal charges that she filed against them. She grappled with the bigger demons, the Buencamino family, who shut her up by sending her to a psychiatric facility. Inside the facility, Olivia is haunted by nightmares about Lucas, Victoria, and Melinda (Ria Atayde) turning her life into a living hell.

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