Victoria evil scenes Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin

Maila Gumila’s portrayal of Congresswoman Victoria Buencamino in the afternoon soap “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin” continues to prove her status as one of the most respected actresses in the entertainment industry.

In this Kapamilya Toplist video, we highlight her biggest villain moments in the teleserye.

The montage opens with Victoria in deep thought, looking every inch intimidating as if her evil eyes were breathing fire. She was thinking about her late husband, Javier (Richard Quan), and the things she did for him. A flashback reveals her role in orchestrating the death of Severino Salazar (Jeffrey Santos), Javier’s best friend and the doctor who failed to save him after an operation. The clip reveals that Victoria manipulated Severino’s murder to appear as a suicide.

This woman is not scared to kill, as shown in that scene where she ordered her driver to fatally run over Olivia (Jane Oineza)’s father. Although Olivia would manage to open the case and put Victoria behind bars years later, still the latter was able to escape her jeopardy.

Victoria unleashes her inner beast during confrontations with Olivia, the daughter-in-law she despises to the bone. In one scene, she warned against jeopardizing her hospital’s reputation from Olivia’s ‘crazy’ acts. This was when Olivia pressed charges against Philip (JC de Vera) for obtaining her body illegally and conducting plastic surgery to give her a new identity as Claire.

After killing Olivia’s father, years later, she’s killed Olivia’s soul by accusing her as mentally ill. She paid a mental facility with huge amount of donations, promising that the facility will be compensated well, so long as she gets to control Olivia. “Finally, mawawala na rin sa bhay natin ang Olivia na ‘yan dahil naipasok ko na siya sa impyerong hinanda ko para sa kanya,” she said in a scene.

When interviewed about Olivia’s disappearance, Victoria feigned innocence and empathy and told the public that Olivia suffers from unstable mental health which is why they sent her to a mental institution. She even called for Olivia to come home after she escaped the facility.

With her minions around, she feels like everything is under her power. She pressured Santiago (Simon Ibarra) to expedite Olivia’s search.

When Olivia finally re-appeared with Elias (Ejay Falcon)’s help, Victoria schemed wickedly, carefully planning the execution of her next malevolent plans.

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