Jane Fiery Emotions Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin

Taking on her first teleserye lead role via revenge drama “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin,” Jane Oineza showcased a new level of acting depth and intensity. The Kapamilya star was mesmerizing to watch with how she perfectly captured her character’s fiery emotions in many ways – fatal charm and burning glares, poisonous words, and devilish games.

Now that she’s about to take a bow as Claire/Olivia, let’s feel the heat of her crisp, most terrific acting moments in the series and rate her level of emotions.


Level 1: Kindling

Watching her husband Philip (JC De Vera) being hurt by Lucas (Tony Labrusca)’s innate malevolence ignites a flame of bitterness in Claire’s heart. The anger in the air was palpable; her words were jarring, hurtful.


Level 2: Ember

Trapped by questions and doubts about her past, a smoldering of anger, frustration, and sadness sparks in Claire’s heart. In this scene where she receives Philip (JC De Vera)’s jealous fit after meeting up with Lucas (Tony Labrusca) in hopes of clarity until she runs away and realizes her true identity as Olivia, Jane delicately balances vulnerability with determination. There was a layer of desperation in the beginning. Soon erupted her pain, and then it circled back to anguish. The chaos in her emotions was too raw, it hurt the viewers.


Level 3: Blaze

As the plot thickens, Claire, now back to being Olivia, lets her anger surge with unrestrained intensity towards Philip, who took advantage of her amnesia and gave her a new identity. In this scene where Olivia lashed out at Philip, her fiery gaze and powerful delivery of dialogue made the audience feel the heat of the character’s blazing fury


Level 4: Inferno

Jane’s level of wrath can be likened to the fierceness of hell in this scene where she uncovers the truth about her beloved father’s death, and delivers chilling emotions as she vows to ruin those who destroyed her and her family.


Level 5: Conflagration

In the climactic scene of Olivia’s shocking public comeback, she unveiled a masterful display of controlled fury, a balance of visible flames and controlled intensity. She ran a stretch of emotions inside, one could feel her desire to burn her enemies down in flames, yet she maintained a poised exterior to project an image of dignified strength. Her stillness was terrifying, leaving her enemies unsettled. And her revelations were like an explosive inferno, so vast, violent, and disastrous, capable of destroying the entire empire that her adversaries, the Buencaminos, meticulously built.

Our heroine is down with her final chess piece on the board, the ultimate maneuver to achieve revenge. Don’t miss the “Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin” finale – “The Final Checkmate” - this Friday, January 26, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.