REVIEW: My Super D finale shows what a real superhero should be
What can best test the real strength of a superhero? By not using any of those incredible powers from the supernatural and fight like a real man.

This became the all-too superb message from the finale of the afternoon superhero delight, My Super D, who faced overwhelming odds in the end to beat his now incredibly formidable nemesis Zulu (Marvin Agustin) in their climactic face-off.

Zulu got Super D’s (Dominic Ochoa) power-giving blue jewel after the latter surrendered it in exchange for the freedom of his beloved Nicole (Bianca Manalo), who was in the villain’s clutches. This empowered Zulu more as he already had in his possession the red diamond that gave him supernatural powers.
After initially pummeling an already weakened Super D, Zulu boasted he was the already the most powerful and could get anything that he wanted—even claiming and possessing Nicole as his own. This infuriated all the people close to both Dodong or Super D and Nicole, including their son Dennis (Marco Masa) who were all watching their superhero’s cruel thrashing in person.

Real strength

But the spent and scarred Super D still stood up and dared Zulu to let go of their power jewels and fight purely on their own real strength. He said even he was already weak, the real source of his strength is the love of family and of friends who truly care for him.

Super D eventually mustered all the feeble, unaugmented purely human strength that he had. And, motivated by the love and affection he gets from those close to him, Super D defeated Zulu with just a few punches to the torso and the head and his arch enemy just lost consciousness.

After his victory that led to Zulu or his real self Tony’s incarceration, Super D finally walked down the aisle with Nicole and declared that no one needs superhuman powers just to become a superhero, but plainly through heroic deeds of kindness, generosity, and selflessness for the good of others and the community.

One happy family

Now he, Bianca, and Dennis are one happy family ready to face any challenge or adversity not with any power jewel helping them as Dodong, Super D’s true identity, buried those power jewels in a faraway cave. But getting them back? Not now, Dodong tells Dennis with a smile: But who knows, he adds, with a wink. 

The series truly shows the value of heroism, not by dreaming of donning a cape or fly above buildings in single bound, but by being true to oneself and display the same altruism and gallantry in our own simple daily lives. It can be an act of kindness to a neighbor, or just being there for your family whenever they need you.

The My Super D finale was enjoyable, though the fight scenes should have been better conceptualized, choreographed and executed. But we were just enthralled by the way Marco Masa truly accomplished his astounding portrayal of Dennis, with impressive acting chops that make you feel his anger towards the tormentor Zulu.

And, of course, who would take Sylvia Sanchez for granted not only in the finale but in the entire series. Playing the role of Dodong’s mother Belen, Sylvia has now risen to be one of the finest actresses in the country with her moving depiction, even if she didn’t have many lines to say or scenes to play.
Dominic Ochoa and Marvin Agustin were also a delight to see with their commanding portrayals of the two opposing main characters.

All in all, it was an eventful end to a gratifying series, put forth by comebacking director Lino Cayetano and Frasco Mortiz, that not only presents the joys in defeating evil but also spreading the good and the love to all, the best way we can.