Quincy Villanueva shares caring tips for toy poodles

The goal of every fur parent is to have a happy and well-mannered dog, which isn’t much of a challenge if you know the basics of pet care and grooming. “My Papa Pi” star Quincy Villanueva introduces her super cute toy poodle named Goldie and shares how she cares for him.

The most important part of caring for a toy poodle is grooming. Especially for Goldie, who’s born in the United States, Quincy has to be strict with his bath schedule, which is every two days, “Nasanay siya sa States. Nagkakasakit siya ‘pag hindi siya naliligo agad because it’s so hot. Kasi thick din ‘yung fur, so very uncomfortable siya.”

After bath time, she blow-dries his coat “kasi nangangati sila if you don’t blow-dry them” and then brushes him thoroughly to keep the hair untangled. After that, she makes sure to clean his ears because the toy poodle can be prone to ear bugs.

Also don’t forget to brush the dog’s teeth to avoid infections in the future. “’Pag mga puppy pa, okay lang but after a while, you need to brush na kasi nagkakaroon na din sila ng mga stuff sa teeth, so kawawa din later on. It’s going to show later on,” said Quincy.

When it comes to house training, Quincy prefers to let her 3-year-old pet move around the house than put him in a cage. The good thing is her mom helps her look after her ‘baby.’

Besides the training and grooming, another important part of pet care is pampering them with love and attention. Talk to them like how you would to a person as they can feel the impact of your words. Quincy explained, “Ramdam nila kung ano ‘yung sinasabi mo. Kunwari, may bagong haircut. They already feel something weird about their bodies so malulungkot sila ‘pag sinabi mo, ‘Ay pumangit.’ Nafe-feel talaga nila.”

For her, dogs can bring happiness in the family, so she plans to have more in the future, “Iba rin talaga sila sa family. I would say Goldie has made our family closer together. He’s our reason to bond. Para silang nagiging bunsong anak ng pamilya.”

Meet Quincy’s adorable Goldie in this video from Kapamilya Chat!