Piolo’s rest house tour Batangas

After hustling hard in every project and gracing numerous events with a crowd, this is where Piolo Pascual finds calm – his hilltop rest house in Batangas that offers a breathtaking view of nearby islands and has lots of love, and plants.

It’s truly refreshing to see the superstar heartthrob enjoying ‘buhay-probinsya’ in his simplest form. In a recent vlog shared by his personal assistant-turned-TV personality Moi Bien, we see Piolo as an average Joe. He met Moi by the gates of the mansion that’s still under renovation, then toured her around all while talking about his newest obsession for landscaping.

The first part of the video offered a quick scan on the mansion’s front space that combines the parking area and garden, which Piolo artistically designed during the pandemic. To secure the landscape and plants, he repurposed the backboard at the parking lot into a pad to support his pothos.

In the same area stands a beautiful ornament made of driftwood, which he also collects. Walking along the pathway, he showed the unfinished fire pit, and pointed at the space where he’s planning to put up a chapel, as well as an outdoor dining that offers a majestic view of the sea.

Stepping inside the villa where the Sombrero Island can be seen from, Piolo mentioned that he wants natural light and breeze to pass through the house, thus the sliding doors and windows.  

The Ultimate Hunk took us inside their family entertainment room that has several massage chairs and a huge screen projector. The room is adjacent to a small nook where his trophies are neatly arranged. 

Piolo wakes up to an awe-inspiring island view from his bedroom. From the balcony designed with modern glass railing, one can see the 25-meter swimming pool. The mansion also houses a gym adjacent to the bar that houses a pool table – both rooms still have sliding glass doors to enjoy the outdoor view.

The My Papa Pi star showed the deck adorned with bougainvillea and other plants, his vegetable nursery, and a relaxing area that has a swing and hammock perfect for lazy afternoons. 

As he enjoys his safe haven, Piolo doesn’t forget to get to know the locals and bless them with his humility.

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