Happiest Moments of Dra. Margaret and Heart in My Dear Heart


Dra. Margaret Divinagracia (Coney Reyes) could be the top cardiothoracic surgeon in the country and maybe one of the toughest woman we’ve known. But being with her one and only granddaughter Heart (Heart Ramos), who’s now a spirit that only she can see, makes her lenient and the most loving and coolest grandma you wish you also have.

Their unusual relationship proves that grandparents is willing to heed to the requests of and most likely to spoil their adorable grandchildren, especially when they utilize their irresistible charm and “acting talent”.

As My Dear Heart is down to its last two episodes, let’s reminisce the wonderful moments of Dra. Margaret and Heart together.

First theme park experience

Heart couldn’t hide her excitement as her Lola Margaret took her to an amusement park. According to her, Jude (Zanjoe Marudo) and Clara (Bella Padilla) prohibited her from going there as her heart is too weak for the rides. Since she’s just a wandering soul now, they screamed their hearts out in a roller coaster and even took a second round without painlessly.

Hearty chat

After the thrilling rides, they took it easy by hopping to a merry-go-round where they talked about Dra. Margaret’s dad, Dr. Luke Divinagracia, and how much she missed him. She related to Heart that she and her father used to ride the carousel whenever they went to the fair.


Before the school year concluded, Heart wanted to go back to her school to see her classmates and friends. Amidst of the prior appointments she needed to attend to that day, Dra. Margaret postponed them and agreed to accompany her granddaughter instead.

Playtime with Bingo

Dra. Margaret really couldn’t resist the cuteness and naughtiness of Bingo (Enzo Pelojero) and Heart, thus she always finds it difficult to refuse to their wishes to play with them. At the end, she finds herself beaming and happy as bonding with the two kids made her forget the struggles she’s into and she feels lighter too. She feels like going back to her childhood while playing with them.

Sunset viewing

One of the most picturesque gifts the Creator has given us is the sunset. Dra. Margaret got sentimental when she watched the sun set with Bingo and Heart, telling them that she’s remorseful for letting the days pass-by without pausing for a while and appreciate its beauty. Same with taking for granted the good little things going around her because she’s too focused with her career.

Swimming escapade

To tick off one of the entries in Heart’s bucketlist, Dra. Margaret brought her and Bingo to a resort. It may not be a beach just like what she really wished for, the grandmother assured that they would still enjoy their adventure. She even joined them in playing in the swimming pool.

Could Dra. Margaret still make her promise to Heart come true? Let’s all find out as My Dear Heart concludes this week, after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on Primetime Bida.