Jude’s astonishing daddy qualities on My Dear Heart every father should follow

What does it take to be a father?

Fatherhood is something new for Jude de Jesus (Zanjoe Marudo), a bachelor who’s in the midst of searching his real purpose in life after he got separated from his girlfriend then Gia Lana (Ria Atayde) and his scholarship grant was retracted. His life massively changed upon Heart’s (Heart Ramos) unexpected arrival in his directionless life.

Having no experience in handling kids did not stop him from taking full responsibility of taking care of Heart, though it would consume most of his time and energy and he had to do it single-handedly. Amidst all the hardships he had to endure, Jude proved that being a good father doesn’t require years of experience but only unconditional love, unwavering perseverance, and help from the people around him, particularly his bestfriend-turned-wife Clara (Bela Padilla).

In light of the upcoming Father’s Day celebration, let’s enumerate how Jude became a good patriarch.

He knows how to make her happy

Seeing their child happy and contented is what makes parents happy too. Although the idea of having to return Heart to her real parents hurts Jude (because it was unknown to him then that Heart is his offspring with Gia), he still promised that they’ll search for them once she got cured for he knew that is what’s going to make her glad.

He never left her side

From the first time he held Heart in his arms until now that she’s in a critical condition, Jude was never, ever left her. Embracing the responsibilities of fatherhood is not easy, but his unconditional love for her daughter has motivated him to keep Heart and give her a good life as long as he can. Certainly, it’s painful to see your child suffering but Jude kept his composure just to be there for her.

He listens to everything she says

It’s really great to know when somebody’s listening to whatever you say. And as an endearing father, he always makes sure to lend his ears to everything that Heart would say and would keep those in mind. Because imparting a little bit of your time and yourself to your loved ones is one way of telling them that you really appreciate them.

He’s sweet and loving

For Jude, action speaks louder than words. Aside from telling Heart how much he loves her verbally, he also writes her letters and notes because she knows how much joy those bring to her. May that be leaving a note in Heart’s lunch bag to remind her to eat her snacks and to stay safe, or just to encourage her to fight for her life and to apologize to her for whatever shortcomings he did.

He incessantly prays for Heart

Responsible parents always want the best for their children. Thus, they do everything that they can just to protect us from harm and turning into immoral citizens. Jude inculcated good values to Heart, especially praying, which she still carried as she grow up. Throughout the show, their family have taught us that no matter what happens to our lives, our faith should not deteriorate and we should lift our lives to God for He definitely knows the right thing to do.

He has inner strength

Although Heart’s condition is draining all the life aspects of their whole family, Jude still wanted her to know that everything is fine. He indeed feels sorry because that’s the only thing he could do for now and he is actually filled with fright for what may happen to her daughter and he doesn’t know what to do with it. But Jude doesn’t want to display his true emotions to encourage Heart to be still alive

He’s optimistic

The doctors have spoken that unfortunately, Heart’s rare ailment is incurable. But Jude remains firm and his hopes are still high for her recuperation. He talks to her every chance he gets and encourage her to fight for her life for it was what she has taught him ever since their paths intertwined. Heart has been his reason for living and the one who showed him that he has still a chance live a good life.

Let’s continue to celebrate Jude’s amazing and inspiring fatherhood journey by not missing the finale episodes of My Dear Heart on Primetime Bida after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.