REVIEW: My Super D’s strength is in its story of becoming real superheroes
Superheroes are really not the demigods we all look up to and revere for their awesome strength, incredible powers, or yes, tantalizing looks.

They are actually real, very much closer than anyone could think. He can even be your Big, Loving “D” (Daddy)!

This is the premise of My Super D, the newest ABS-CBN fantasy series that premiered on Monday, April 18. In fact, those who watched the pilot would actually feel inspired by the prospect. That is, being a superhero in real life to your friends, your community, or your family.

As such, anyone can be a superhero. Whether you are a barangay captain Dado (Ronnie Lazaro) protecting his pregnant wife Belen (Sylvia Sanchez) and the community from an attacking, gun-toting horde of prison escapees and goons, or Dado’s son Dodong (Marc Santiago), who saved his classmate from a swarm of bees, you can bring a human face to the mighty, lightning fast, and zooming superhero everyone cheers on. But for the actual, conventional icon in the story, Super D (Richard Yap), it is he who admires the heroic deeds of the common men. 

My Super D is just like any other superhero tale of voluminous super strength of good against the forces of evil.  But unlike what we have witnessed time and again, My Super D empowers the non-superhero lot by emphasizing on how they can be superheroes themselves through acts of love, kindness, and sacrifice. 
Dado is the best example of this selflessness as he, despite their meager resources, accommodated a family left homeless after a fire razed their community. He even taught the value of generosity to Dodong by persuading him to give his precious Super D fan shirt and his other clothes to fellow kids who lost their belongings in the fire.  This led to his heroic choice of saving his girl classmate Nicole who accidentally bumped a bee hive by letting the bees swarm him instead and fled. Unfortunately, he fell off a wooden bridge in the chase, falling into the arms of our great superhero right on the dot. 

Super D then continued his heroic exploits, running roughshod over criminals all over, including a bunch of masked hoodlums out to abduct a hapless Mikaela (Precious Lara Quigaman). And just when he saw the woman of his dreams, Super D unknowingly encountered his weakness, an emotional flaw that would cause dire and fatal consequences. 

The premiere of this sure Primetime Bida fantasy hit resurrects the superhero genre with the back story of the eventual reemergence of a slain superhero through Dodong (Dominic Ochoa), a least expected, weakling of a commoner yet pure, selfless and noble in heart. Directors Lino Cayetano and Frasco Mortiz put together a fitting prelude to this exciting fantasy series.  Though lacking in sophisticated visual effects and production design elements, the show makes up for it in storytelling with a compelling and impeccable narrative that touches the hearts of audiences. 

And, that is championing the self-superheroes, which anyone watching would find rather inspiring. It also emphasizes the importance of family in “breeding” these heroes and make them helpful to society. This is central to Dodong’s story and how he eventually becomes Super D himself.
Definitely, a how-to guide in being the superhero we all want to be.