My Dear Heart: 6 Inspiring Moments that Show the Power of Prayer and Faith

The inspirational fantasy drama series “My Dear Heart” has been warming our hearts every night with its story about a lovable little girl named Heart who fell into a coma but, in the process, touches the lives of the people around her. It shows us that there will always be challenges and sadness in life, but with the love of our family and the strength of our faith, everything will be alright.

So as we reflect upon the lessons and the triumph of Easter, let us list down the times when Heart, along with her family and friends, held on to their belief and trusted that the Lord will always see them through.

1. Heart prays for Dr. Margaret’s recovery.

Heart’s family is shocked when they learn that Dr. Margaret (Coney Reyes) was rushed to the ER after suffering a heart attack. Unseen by everyone, Heart stands by Dr. Margaret. She turns to Jesus for help and solemnly prays for the doctor to survive her ordeal.


2. Fr. Gab urges everyone never to lose hope.

Fr. Gab (Sandino Martin) gives a profound and rousing homily about the power of hope and faith as Heart continues to remain in a coma. He explains that although we cannot avoid the hardships and sufferings in life, we must never lose hope, and instead always have faith that God has a plan for us.


3. Jude implores God to keep Heart safe.

Jude (Zanjoe Marudo) and Clara (Bela Padilla) decide to pull Heart out of Dr. Luke Divinagracia Medical Center and transfer her to Camillus Hospital instead. But, because of Heart’s grave condition, transporting her could prove dangerous. Jude pours out his heart in a prayer for God to keep his daughter safe during the journey.


4. Fr. Gab comments on the greatness of a parent’s love.

Fr. Gab gives a powerful sermon about the extent of what parents can do for their children. Dr. Margaret becomes emotional due to the priest’s message because it reminded her of the fractured relationship that she has with her daughter, Dr. Gia.


5. Heart prays for the reconciliation of Dr. Margaret and Dr. Gia.

Dr. Gia unexpectedly finds her mother, Dr. Margaret, visiting her daughter’s grave. Margaret asks for forgiveness and admits that she knows that Gia blames her for the death of her child. Heart witnesses the confrontation between the two and correctly guesses that they are finding it difficult to reconcile. Wishing only happiness for Dr. Margaret and Dr. Gia, Heart prays to God that they finally make peace with one another.


6. Heart prays for Grace.

Heart finds out that Jude had a daughter with Dr. Gia who passed away shortly after birth. Yearning for the sister she never met, Heart prays to Jesus that Grace is okay where ever she may be and that she knows that she is loved.