5 Kapamilya Stars Who Played The Ultimate Challenge in “Minute To Win It”

“Minute To Win It”, the country’s most thrilling and heart-stopping game show, has finally returned to television. Every night, we get to watch our favorite Kapamilya stars play the exciting and difficult challenges hoping to win 1 million pesos. In the past season, only two pairs were successful in winning the jackpot prize: chefs Tristan Encarnacion and Nino Logarta, and father and son tandem Gerry and JC Peñalosa Read more. Today, let us look back at some of our Kapamilya stars who played the show’s Ultimate Challenge but unfortunately failed to complete it.

1. Ella Cruz

The teen dance princess played on the April 3, 2013 episode. She was the first player one to reach Level 10 and went for the Ultimate Challenge. Her challenge was “Ping Tac Toe” where she had to bounce ping pong balls into glasses formed like a tic-tac-toe grid and hoping to form a line of 3 balls of the same color. She almost completed the challenge but time ran out. She still went home with 250,000 pesos.

2. Gerald Anderson

The lead star of Star Cinema’s “How To Be Yours” played on the June 17, 2013 episode. His Ultimate Challenge was the “Triple Pong Plop” where in he had to bounce ping pong balls along 3 dinner plates and land 3 into a fish bowl on the other side. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to score even 1 ball. He still happily went home with 250,000 pesos.

3. Valdolph and Epi Quizon

The Quizon brothers played on the August 4, 2013 episode. Their Ultimate Challenge was “Nimble Thimble” where in they had to bounce marbles hoping to land 20 marbles into 20 thimbles. Together, they were able to score 17 balls but time ran out and they weren’t able to successfully complete the challenge. The two sons of the Comedy King Dolphy went home with 250,000 pesos.

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