5 trending celebrity moments on Minute To Win It Last Man Standing

Ever since it was introduced to the Filipino viewers in 2013, global hit gameshow Minute To Win It has undeniably been one of the top favorite programs of ABS-CBN. Thus, there’s no wonder why it continues to gain consistent, impressive ratings in the past six years and even became a part of most Pinoy parties through its exhilarating challenges that have been incorporated in fun parlor games.

However, aside from the extreme thrill that every challenge brings to the audiences and onlookers, what makes the long-running game show enjoyable to watch is the absolute amusement provided by the gregarious host Luis Manzano and his two equally-comic sidekicks Long Mejia and Negi, as well as by the vivacious tandems who didn’t simply grace the program, but made their stints remarkable and trending too.

Here are five of its most talked about celebrity moments will surely never forget!

Baron Geisler got provoked by Long Mejia

As we all know, Luis is the kind of person who loves to grant the wishes of people dear to his heart. So, since Long expressed his desire to exchange blows with the terrifying guests the former told everyone about, only to find out that he was actually referring to FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’s highly dreaded villain Dante “Bungo” Madarang and his right hand Timo, portrayed by Baron Geisler and Gerhard Acao respectively.

Just when Baron got provoked upon hearing the stories of and watching the replay showing Long’s arrogance, the latter was quick to disclaim those and told him that he’s not actually brave in person.

Billy Crawford poked fun at wife Coleen Garcia

Seeing how the beautiful face of Coleen Garcia got deformed while wearing a skintight stocking during the “Blow by Blow” challenge truly made everyone’s tummy and jaw ache due to non-stop laughing, including her beloved husband Billy Crawford who was then watching at the sidelines. He even requested for a replay when his friend Luis asked his reaction about what he just saw.

Jeric Raval teased daughter

We usually see him as the fearsome action star. But in his latest appearance on Minute To Win It, we were able to see his funny side as a cool dad as he confessed witnessing how his daughter and partner AJ got kilig during his stint on It’s Showtime’s KapareWho.

In return, AJ also exposed an instance when she made his father thrilled by covering up his womanizing shenanigans.

Fumiya’s funny reaction on Luis’s question

Amid the recent national elections, Luis asked every contestant regarding the law they’re going to implement once they become politicians. While everyone seemed to understand his question, Pinoy Big Brother Otso ex-housemate Fumiya was obviously bewildered. He asked for his Pogi Spiritual Brother Yamyam Gucong’s help to translate the question, only to get more confused.

Jimuel Pacquiao gave Long Mejia a ‘sample’

Before one of the games began, Luis quizzed then-couple Jimuel Pacquiao and Heaven Peralejo about meeting one another’s families to which the Kapamilya actress admitted that her boyfriend already met her mom and dad to ask for their permission to woo her.

Thus, the host came up with the idea of staging a skit, wherein Heaven would introduce Jimuel to her father and godfather, respectively portrayed by Long and fellow jester Eric Nicolas. That’s when Long was able to get the taste of a Pacquiao punch courtesy of Senator Manny’s firstborn.

We’re you able to catch these portions? What’s your most memorable celebrity moment on the show? Don’t miss the remaining episodes of Minute To Win It weeknights on Primetime Bida.