Luis Manzano’s acts of charity that touched our hearts in Minute To Win It: Last Man Standing

Luis Manzano has always kept the energy high hosting Minute to Win It: Last Man Standing. He always made everything delightful for the contestants and the audience alike no matter how difficult the challenges are in the game. And beyond having us entertained, Luis has sparked hope in the lives of the players by lending them a helping hand in their times of need.

With that, let us look back at those touching moments Luis’s acts of charity in the show.

1. Lola Remedios Dillon

Upon learning that contestant Kyla aspires to help a chicharon vendor named Lola Remedios Dillon, whom she once encountered outside a famous fast food chain, Luis immediately asked Kyla to bring Lola Remedios to the studio. So touched in meeting Lola Remedios, Luis granted her a sari-sari store to ease her burdens and let her enjoy life more in her old age.

2. Wacky Kiray

Having known Wacky Kiray for a long time now, Luis boldly says how proud he is in having such a hardworking friend. Luis witnessed how Wacky worked hard and persevered for all the success that he gained in life. Thus, Luis gladly promised to give Wacky a refrigerator for the house that the comedian is building for his family.

3. Fresco Gayo, Jr.

Traffic enforcer Fresco Gayo, Jr. said that if he wins, he would use his cash prize to transfer the remains of his two deceased babies to a more respectable gravesite since they were just interred by a driveway entering a cemetery. In his sympathy for Kuya Fresco and his family, Luis said he would pay for the proper burial of his kids inside the cemetery.

4. Minong Dela Rosa

After genuinely saying that his heart’s desire is to buy a pair of decent shoes if ever he wins the game, contestant Minong Dela Rosa didn’t expect to have it in a snap. Luis gave Kuya Minong a brand new pair of shoes so that he can use the cash prizes he would win in the contest for his other urgent needs.

5. Jona Biol

Contestant Jona Biol ended up in tears after losing a challenge on the show. Realizing that Jona desperately needed the cash prize she tried her best to win but failed, Luis told her that he will pay for her transportation in her trip back to her home province.

Indeed, it is truly inspiring to see Luis seizing any opportunity to help others. This is the reason why he is also abundantly blessed. He also sets a good example for all of us to become generous as well.

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