The 3 Millionaires of “Minute To Win It”

In the afternoon game show “Minute To Win It,” celebrity and regular players try their luck to win the grand prize worth 1 million pesos in the 60-second circle. Many of them have failed but in the latest edition, there are only three (two individuals and one pair) that have succeeded. Today, as our favorite afternoon habit airs its last episode, let us look back at the winning moments of these Kapamilya stars when they finished the Ultimate Challenge, which made them instant millionaires.

Meg Imperial

Last July 22, 2016, actress Meg Imperial played “Office Fling” as her Ultimate Challenge. Using a makeshift slingshot made of an office chair and a rubber band, she had to land three pieces of folded paper on a table 12 feet away. In just 29 seconds, she completed it and became the first millionaire of the “Last Man Standing” edition. She happily went home with a total of 1,070,000 pesos.

Jodi Sta. Maria

Jodi Sta. Maria, who will soon appear in the Star Cinema’s latest offering “Dear Other Self,” played “Mouth to Mouth” as her Ultimate Challenge during the September 19, 2016 episode. She had to successfully snatch 7 money bills that were in between 2 bottles without making them fall down. She finished the challenge on the 58th second and brought home a total of 1,070,000 pesos, making her the second millionaire of "Minute to Win It: Last Man Standing.”

Negi at Long Mejia

Last February 9, 2017, comedians Negi and Long Mejia played their Ultimate Challenge called Pong to the Fifth Power. They both had to bounce and shoot 5 ping pong balls inside a glass consecutively. Negi completed the challenge in just 30 seconds while Long completed his in 50 seconds. Because they both succeeded, they happily went home with 1,070,000 pesos and became the third millionaires.