Celebrities who almost joined the Millionaires Club on Minute To Win It: Last Man Standing

Winning is the one-million-peso grand prize is any contender’s dream on Minute To Win It: Last Man Standing. However, as cliché as it may sound, no matter how hard we try, some things are just not meant to be.

Here are some of the Minute to Win It: Last Man Standing contestants who tried their best to win the million-peso grand prize, but unfortunately fell short.

1. Tristan Ramirez

BoybandPH member Tristan Ramirez almost became a millionaire by playing the game called as “Pong to the Fifth Power.” To win the game, he must be able to shoot five ping-pong balls consecutively in a water glass on a table, after making the ball bounce once. With 21 seconds on the clock, Tristan successfully shot four balls. Then, he made a consecutive three shots again, but missed after.

2. Young JV and Joe Vargas

For 1 million pesos, hip-hop artist Young JV and Star Magic talent Joe Vargas needed to accomplish the “Defying Gravity” challenge. They had to keep balloons up in the air and not once must any of the balloons go off stage or touch the ground. Because they are a pair, their challenge requires a total of 12 balloons. Although they really used every part of their body, one of the balloons hit the ground with 25 seconds still on the clock.

3. Angeline Quinto

One of the ASAPs Birit Queens Angeline Quinto failed to become the show’s next millionaire after losing her balance in the final round. Doing the challenge called “Frankenstein”, she had to walk like a zombie while balancing the three yard sticks and take it to the last podium. Each yardstick has a standing battery on its every end, and the player must never let a single battery fall down.

4. Patrick Sugui and Axel Torres

Ex-PBB housemates Patrick Sugui and Axel Torres were also unsuccessful in winning the one million pesos. They almost won by playing the challenge called “Flying Saucer”, where they needed to keep a pencil balanced on the table as they stack a disk on it, using two pencils on their hands.

5. Sharlene San Pedro

To win the million-peso prize for the church in her family’s hometown, Goin’ Bulilit graduate and now MYX VJ Sharlene San Pedro must complete the “Glass Ponginator” challenge. She had to make ping-pong balls bounce to the first table in front of her, in an attempt to shoot 5 ping-pong balls in different water glasses to the second table. She successfully shot 4 ping-pong balls on different water glasses, but failed to shoot one more after.

Even though these celebrity players did not win the game, they all exhibited positive attitude after the final challenge. Who knows, maybe they will finally become millionaires if they would play again in the show?

Catch Minute To Win It: Last Man Standing weekdays before TV Patrol on Primetime Bida.