Laugh like crazy with Negi and Long Mejia’s funniest moments on Minute to Win It

From being millionaires in the show’s previous season, well-known comedians Negi and Long Mejia have returned in Minute to Win It to provide extra entertainment for us all. Aside from the good vibes we always get from the show’s main host Luis Manzano, it is undeniable how his co-hosts Negi and Long made us even more excited to watch Minute to Win It each day. Their one-of-a-kind comical tandem truly gave us loads of laughter, and we saw how even Luis himself cannot help but crack up on stage whenever the two does their silly acts.

Hence, as we wrap up this year’s season of Minute to Win It, let us look back on the top five funniest moments of Negi and Long that certainly made us #ROTFL.

1. Long’s ‘resbak’ moment against Negi


Before this moment happened, two among the CIDG boys of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano namely John Medina and Marc Solis “captured” Long Mejia with the help of Negi, who they revealed to be an “undercover” agent. Thus, Negi enters the show with overflowing happiness, knowing that he finally completed his mission and Long is “behind bars”. However, in the middle of this episode, Long surprisingly entered the studio and commenced his counter-attack towards Negi, telling everyone about Negi’s generous acts towards his cheating partner.

2. Revelations about Negi’s previous relationship


After Luis bade farewell to the eliminated players, Long interrupted the game to give us further clarifications about the shocking information he spilled about Negi’s ex-boyfriend. Burdened about Negi’s heartbreak, Long gave a message to Negi’s ex-boyfriend and decided to reveal his face on national television. Since everything was exposed, Negi also decided to reveal the face of the “woman” his “ex-boyfriend” left him for.

3. Negi and Long reenacting ‘The Good Son’ with Joshua Garcia


Having Joshua Garcia on the show, Luis cannot help but acknowledge and praise the young heartthrob’s acting skills. As he talks about Joshua’s commendable performance in The Good Son, Luis asked Negi and Long to reenact a scene from the said show. The scene is a confrontation between Joshua’s character Joseph and his parents, where his mother Racquel played by Mylene Dizon failed to stop him from punching his father Victor played Albert Martinez. For the reenactment scene, Joshua retained his character as Joseph while Negi took Mylene’s role and Long portrayed Albert’s role. Terribly hilarious.

4. Long’s levitation magic


Aside from his playful ‘hirits’ and sidesplitting jokes, one of Long’s funniest sides is his “magic skills”. Although we have seen many of his funny magic acts as the “Master Magician”, one of the best is when he tried to perform a levitation magic act with Negi. Here, he asked Negi to lay himself on three chairs positioned side by side. After failing to make Negi float without the chairs, Long performed his extra magic called the ‘disappearing act’ where he made his presence leave the studio.

5. Magic Battle: Negi vs Long


Despite knowing that Long already bears the title of being the “Master Magician,” Negi bravely stood up and challenged him on a mini magic contest. On their fight, Negi performed the act of getting the ball under a water basin without holding the water basin up. When he successfully completed his act, Luis and the studio audience started to doubt Long’s “magic skills”. Nevertheless, Long proved that he is still the ‘master’ by performing a flower trick in front of Negi’s face.

With their amusing talents and their wacky personalities, Negi and Long indeed made our every viewing experience more delightful, memorable and extremely amusing on Minute to Win It