5 ‘Sayang’ Moments in 'Minute To Win It'

Every afternoon, celebrity and regular players try their luck to win the grand prize in the 60-second circle of “Minute To Win It.” Some have succeeded while some have failed. Today, let us look back at this year’s 5 ‘sayang’ moments in the game show when some Kapamilya stars almost finished the ultimate challenge and were very close to winning 1 million pesos.

Young JV and Joe Vargas played Defying Gravity last March 10. They had to keep several balloons up in the air but on the 35th second, one of the balloons hit the floor and they failed the challenge. They still went home with 70,000 pesos.

Heartthrobs Pat Sugui and Axel Torres tried to finish the Flying Saucer last February 10. They had to make a pencil stand on its own and shoot a CD on it using two other pencils. Pat succeeded and made two sets but Axel wasn’t able to make one. Even though they failed at the ultimate challenge, they went home with 90,000 pesos.

Last March 23, Gary Lim and Giselle Sanchez almost made it to the Head-to-Head Challenge, however, Ferica and Maxine Medina were a split second ahead of them. The comedians were eliminated from the game and the Medina sisters advanced to the next level.

ASAP Birit Queens member Angeline Quinto played Frankenstein as her ultimate challenge last January 24. With arms outstretched, she had to pick up 3 yardsticks from different stations with D-batteries balanced on their sides and carry them to the finish line without dropping any batteries. She was able to cross the first two stations successfully but failed when she was about to reach the third station. She still went home with 70,000 pesos.

Tristan Ramirez of BoybandPH did his best when he played Pong To The Fifth Power. He had to bounce and shoot 5 ping pong balls inside a glass consecutively twice. He almost made one set but time eventually ran out. He happily went home with 70,000 pesos.