8 Times Santino enlightened us with words of wisdom, reflection in May Bukas Pa

The wide-eyed (both literally and figuratively) Santino, impressively portrayed by then-child star Zaijian Jaranilla, first captivated us as the lead protagonist in the well-loved and iconic 2009 primetime drama May Bukas Pa.  

And a decade after, ABS-CBN has given us the wonderful opportunity to relive his unforgettable journey and be inspired anew by his enlightening words of wisdom and heart-warming acts of kindness as they returned it on television, just in time when we really need it the most and for the Lenten season.

Let’s revisit the moments when he amazed us with his unbelievable astuteness in uttering words of wisdom and reflection at a very young age through this Kapamilya Toplist!



As we all know, Santino is undoubtedly not just like any ordinary kid. Aside from growing up in the monastery under the care of 12 priests after being abandoned on its premises, his strong faith to “Bro” or Jesus Christ has also given him the rare chance to see and talk with Him and to heal sick people. This divine upbringing is apparently the reason why he’s never failed to strike our minds and hearts with thought-provoking utterances like a grown-up man yet still not losing his heart-melting innocence. 



He has reminded us of many values and virtues some of us might have already forgotten – being grateful for every blessing that the Lord has bestowed (regardless if its grand or small), offering peace to those who wronged us instead of retaliating, fulfilling our promise to others, and granting forgiveness to those asking for it without holding grudges.



Besides, he has proven as well that he might have no parents to look after him just like other kids have, it still possible to find a family in the people around him who treated him as if he’s their own. And if we’re finding that something that could give us fulfilment and joy, perhaps sacrificing for or helping towards other people without waiting anything return is the answer you’ve been waiting for.



And most importantly, he reminded us to let our faith in God continue burning amidst any situation because it’s going to be our mightiest weapon that could not only protect us, but our loved ones and other people around us, too. We should also not fret in casting all our anxieties on Him because He unconditionally cares for us, regardless of who we are or what we have done.



We’re hoping that the lessons being inculcated to us by May Bukas Pa, especially by main protagonist Santino, will be forever etched in our hearts and minds and not just this Lent.