2009 vs 2020: Are Zaijian’s answers to interview questions 11 years ago still the same?

It is quite interesting, heartwarming and even hilarious to hear answers of one 18-year-old actor to the same questions asked of him around 11 years earlier.

For Zaijian Jaranilla, sitting down for an interview with the King of Talk Boy Abunda when his launching teleserye as a 7-year-old child star, May Bukas Pa, was killing it at the ratings could make him seem nonchalant, soft-spoken, nervous yet on-point.

But when he chatted with Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com, we notice he was more jolly, expressive, and quite chill, aside from stark changes in his preferences, which is quite understandable, except for some essential queries, wherein his answers seem consistent since he was a kid, such as those about family.

One thing never changes then and now—that he is used to the fact that people recognize him as Santino, the angelic seer of Bro, who brings much inspiration, spirituality, miraculous intervention, and faith to his fellow townsfolk.

We could notice the contrasts in his favorites—from his school subject, sports, and ice cream flavor to the toys he play with, the TV show he likes to most and his favorite May Bukas Pa scene, not to mention his celebrity idol and crush and his aspirations if he was not in showbiz.

But what never changes is his humility and simplicity as a person, who cares the most about his craft as an actor. That shows with his acting skills, which was already astonishing when he was a child until now, when he is even more recognized and acclaimed with his wide-ranging portrayals.

In this video, Zaijian would nail the same lines 11 years apart, with practically the same brilliance we all admired ever since.

What makes him different as the decade passed? It’s just more of the passing fancies, but his essence and power as an artist remains the same.

Check out how Zaijian answered the same interview questions asked of him in 2009 in this video.

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