Marry Me, Marry You Toplist: 10 scenes that show Andrei and Elvie’s heartwarming journey to forgiveness

Before Andrei (Paulo Avelino) and Camille (Janine Gutierrez) embark on a journey to marriage, like any other couple, they must first discuss whatever needs to be fixed. In their case, Andrei had to take steps toward forgiving his biological mother Elvie (Cherry Pie Picache), who also stood as a mother figure to Camille. In this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from Marry Me Marry You, we recount how Andrei and Elvie slowly healed from the painful past to choose forgiveness. 

Andrei used to despise his mother so much that he wanted to announce her bad side after joining her family in a celebratory dinner for his half-brother Kelvin (Adrian Lindayag)’s graduation. In that scene, Andrei was still pretending not to recognize Elvie, the mother who abandoned him as a child. Throughout the dinner, Andrei heard nothing but good stories about Elvie’s sacrifices for Kelvin and questioned why she never did the same to him. He was all the more stuck in the hurt. All he could remember were the bad parts, the time Elvie left him and the mornings that followed where he kept on wishing she’d come back.

In the face of the past, Andrei’s only promise to himself is that he’ll never let his broken relationship with Elvie affect his relationship with Camille. But it did because Camille was pushing him to reconcile with his mother.

Elvie, on the other hand, understands that it won’t be easy to soothe Andrei’s childhood wounds. She doesn’t want to condone her bad decision; rather, she owns up to her cowardice and selfishness. No matter how many times she’s been pushed away, Elvie clings to the hope that Andrei will let her into his life again.

Elvie finally saw her wish bit by bit turning into reality and Camille played a big role. Since Andrei didn’t want to break up with Camille, he decided to stay in the Philippines and give Elvie a chance to explain her side.

Elvie happily talked about their conversation during dinner. She said it’s the first time Andrei approached her and although she could sense the hurt, she’s happy that they’re finally getting to a forgiving place. Her husband Victor (Lito Pimentel) had qualms about Andrei’s willingness to start anew. Yet, Elvie easily dismissed Victor’s doubts because for a longing mother, little steps already make a big difference.  

When Andrei was confined in a hospital, Elvie started to make up for her shortcomings by taking care of him. She never left his side despite the rejections. Elvie prepared her special soup recipe that Andrei used to call ‘magic soup ni Nanay’ when he was a kid. They reminisced his childhood when all it takes is her hearty meal to make him feel better.

They slowly felt comfortable with each other. There was a scene where Elvie was tickling Andrei while helping him move. Camille opened the door and witnessed the happy scene, then, she let the mother and son savor the moment.

Love is indeed the most effective antidote to anger. There was a scene where Andrei said he’s full of animosity toward Elvie, then Elvie replied that she’d never run out of love for him.

Will this be a fresh start for Andrei and Elvie? Or will the bitter ‘kontrabidas’ ruin the still recovering relationship? Don’t miss an episode of romcom series Marry Me Marry You, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.