Experience unli-kilig with Cherry Pie, Edu in “Ask PieDu”

If you’re still high on the “PieDu” fever, be ready for another dose of kilig! Cherry Pie has served us the second part of #AskPieDu on her YouTube channel, Slice of Pie. She and her handsome boyfriend Edu Manzano entertained the burning questions of their loyal fans. Find out all the revelations and stories they shared in her vlog!

PART 1: Cherry Pie, Edu answer juicy questions about kilig real-life romance in “Slice of Pie” vlog

On the topic of being romantic, Cherry shared that she’s the “hopeless romantic” in their relationship. Edu, on the other hand, isn’t the typical romantic because he shows his love in the most unexpected ways. It’s an  interesting mix which Cherry Pie loves because she’s always surprised with how sweet Edu can be.

Edu is also the type to resolve conflicts as soon as possible. When asked who says sorry first, Edu explained that they wouldn’t need to figure that out because when they have a misunderstanding, they try to settle things right away. Although there can be “tampuhan” at times, the couple always manages to set aside their differences and make up.

Their healthy relationship doesn’t stop there because they also inspire each other to be a better version of themselves. Edu shared how he is with Cherry Pie in his life, “Inspired ako to wake up every morning with a smile on my face and look forward to the day.”

While detailing the different ways Edu makes her a better person, Cherry Pie shared a piece of advice to others, “Your partner comes into your life not to complete you kasi dapat buo ka. Para lang, sa gano’n, mas mashe-share mo pa ‘yung sarili mo nang buo. In the partnership also, ‘yun din dapat ‘yung intention, ‘I wanna be a better person for you, you make me a better person’”

The question that most viewers were intrigued of since the first #AskPieDu episode was about the possibility of having babies with each other. When it came up, Edu said “Who wouldn’t want babies? I’d love one.” Cherry Pie smiled at this reaction because she admitted she’s also fond of the idea of having another baby in her life.

Whatever the case, the two are ready to do anything for each other. After the question of how far they can go for each other was raised, Cherry Pie said that she would do everything for Edu. She is with him to give him more love and happiness in his life. Edu reverted the same response to Cherry Pie and explained, “You really have to give your best. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Before ending the sweet Q & A, Cherry Pie took the opportunity to ask a question of her one to Edu. Given the many relationships Edu has been in over the years, she asked what he thinks would be different with theirs. Edu simply answered that their relationship is real. They are not doing it for any fame or publicity and they are dating because they truly love each other. “We’re just being ourselves,” he said.

Cherry Pie agreed with Edu and took the time to appreciate all the supporters that warmly welcomed their relationship. “We’d really like to thank everybody for encouraging us, for supporting us, for wishing us well, for praying for us. Thank you, thank you talaga… We’re really inspired by your encouragement and all the positivity you give to the both of us,” she said with the sincerest gratitude.