Cherry Pie Picache and Edu Manzano reveal love story started 20 years ago

Everybody can’t stop gushing over Edu Manzano and Cherry Pie Picache since they went public last month. And as days pass, the couple seems getting more comfortable opening up about their relationship. This time, they guested on Edu’s son Luis Manzano’s YouTube channel to share more about their love story – how it started 20 years ago, the best thing about each other, advice to the younger generation, and more.

Luis opened the vlog with his usual punchlines, even teasing his ‘Tita Pie.’ It’s hard not to notice their closeness, which Luis credits to their past projects including Kampanerang Kuba. He’s always known Cherry Pie as one of the kindest people in the industry. But now their closeness has grown into something deeper akin to that of a real family. He narrated how the actress was extra caring to him and his dad during lunch before the interview.

He said it feels refreshing to see Cherry Pie and Edu act sweet toward each other. To his surprise, he recently learned that the couple, now playfully shipped by fans as PieDu, started their romance two decades ago. They dated for almost a year back then while keeping their status private.

After a year of dating, the two remained good friends. Deep inside, though, they could feel there’s something special between them. “We never drifted apart. We’d always see each other sa mga gatherings. We’d always be talking sincerely. We knew that we always liked each other,” revealed Edu.

Cherry Pie seconded, “Every time we’d see each other, there’s something different. ‘Pag maghihiwalay na kayo, parang may iba. Pero I’d always dismiss it kasi your dad has always been a charmer.”

The veteran actress didn’t want to assume. Besides, they played tug-of-war with timing. “Nagkakasalisihan,” as Luis put it, “When dad is available, ikaw naman you’d have a partner.”

Listening to the couple’s story, Luis learned that “it’s funny where life takes you.” No one saw the relationship coming, not even Edu and Cherry Pie. When they reunited via Kapamilya rom-com series Marry Me, Marry You, there was no expectation at all. They just picked up where they left off, “Parang tuloy-tuloy lang ‘yung pagkikita namin for the past twenty years.”  They also shared a dressing room so it was impossible not to remain close.

Asked to describe the status of his heart, Edu replied “punumpuno ng saya.” And it’s easy to tell by just looking at his smile. Cherry Pie, on the other hand, described the relationship as an “answered prayer.”

She admitted to falling for Edu’s compassion for everyone around him, especially his children, “He’s a good man – his intention, his heart. His world revolves around his children, that’s a given. Pero, grabe, ang bait. Iisipin niya lahat ng tao, huli siya.” It’s a quality they mirror from each other. As Luis noted, Cherry Pie is also a doting mother to Nio Tria, who is now part of showbiz as a member of The Squad Plus

Edu also spilled the qualities that made him fall for Cherry Pie. “Sa kanya, everything has to be in place. Kung trabaho, trabaho. Hindi sa pagiging OC kundi prinsipyo. Lalo na ‘pag gumagawa kayo ng TV o movie, maraming umaasa sa’yo. Kay Pie, there’s time for fun and there’s time for work.”

Speaking of fun, the couple loves having ‘kulitan’ moments, obviously, thanks to Edu’s funny personality. Besides that, they also love going on out-of-town road trips with Cherry Pie taking on the driver’s seat. Edu quipped that Cherry Pie’s driving is always a “scary” experience. Nonetheless, he appreciates her energy and the way she expresses love through service.

Asked for their advice to the younger generation, Cherry Pie underscored that love isn’t just about the happy times and that faith makes a difference. “Seize the moment lalo na ‘yung ikakasal o kasala na. Always put God at the center of the relationship. It will not always be a bed of roses. There are rough patches pero you have to accept each other before anything else.”

As a message to Edu, she said, “Sana we will not always find it hard to forgive each other.”

Check out the video for the full ‘kilig’ interview!