Cherry Pie tests Nio & Edu

In a recent vlog uploaded on her YouTube Channel Slice of Pie, Cherry Pie Picache invited her son and “forever boyfriend” Nio Tria together with “lifetime” partner Edu Manzano to play a challenge that determines how well they remember little details about her.

In this game called “Who Knows Me Better,” the player who gets the exact or close to Cherry Pie’s answer will earn a point. For the first round, she asked about the first thing she does in the morning. Both answered checking her phone but according to Cherry Pie, “Hindi nila ako kilala. ‘Pag bumabangon ako, I stand up first and go to the kitchen” to have her coffee.

Next, her pet peeve during mealtime, to which Nio answered “maingay ngumuya,” while Edu quipped it has something to do with farting. They should’ve said “’pag hawak ang cellphone” to win in that round.

Cherry Pie loves Japanese food, so she asked the gentlemen which between tuna and salmon sashimi she’d most likely order. Finally, Nio earned his first point with salmon. 

On Cherry Pie’s favorite type of shoe, Edu said he should know the right answer because he always carries his girlfriend’s shopping bags and shoe boxes. Nio was just as confident, saying he picks the best footwear styles for his mom. Funny, the guys had different answers – flats for Nio and rubber shoes for Edu. But both were correct as Cherry Pie wrote down “flats or sneakers.”

Edu didn’t really take the game seriously, keeping Cherry Pie and Nio entertained with his punchlines. At one point, he wrote down “balisong at alak” when asked for his sweetheart’s top indulgence at the moment (correct answer is bed sheet). Then in the next question, he said her love language is “alak.” Nio went for “acts of service” but Cherry Pie revealed she’s a hugger, so it has to be “touch.” In another round, on the veteran actress’ favorite scent, Edu joked that she smells like a brand of vinegar while Nio remembered his mom’s favorite perfume.

Cherry Pie also asked her favorite color next to red, to which Nio answered “pink,” and Edu “aubergine.” She said it’s blue, then, reacted, “It just goes to show, ako talaga nag-a-adjust sa inyong dalawa”

We also learned that Cherry Pie loves to collect Star Wars action figures, and her favorite character according to Nio is Princess Leia, while Edu answered Spiderman. Lol. Her favorite is Grogu The Child. At that point, Edu acted ‘pikon’ and said he’s no match for the son who’s been living with Cherry Pie for 19 years, to which she reacted, “Eh, tayo?” then, he replied, “a lifetime.” Aww. The Marry Me Marry You actress smiled and expressed, “I’m so blessed to have these men. Mabait ang Diyos.” She told Edu, “Ikaw naman masyado mo naman ako pinapakilig,” then turned to Nio, “But you’ll be my forever boyfriend.”

Next was her dream role, which the gentlemen sort of guessed right. The exact answer was “musical.” Nio was somehow correct with “old love story” but Edu had the closest answer, “Roxas Boulevard,” which he said is a local spin-off of “Sunset Boulevard,” Cherry Pie’s favorite musical piece.

Aside from flowers, what will make the lovely lady smile? Nio went for “sorry and hug” while Edu settled for “pasyal,” which was too incompatible with the right answer, “kiss and hug.” By the end of this round, Nio already had 4 points while Edu only scored 2.

For a little twist, Edu thought of asking the final question “which part of the house does Cherry Pie stay longer?” He and Nio answered “banyo” in unison, to which Cherry Pie owned up to. She explained that it’s the only hour of the day she can enjoy a little ‘me time.’  Then, Nio defended his mom, saying it’s typical of a woman to stay in the bathroom for long, to which Edu commented in jest, “Ngayon, bigla mo akong binaliktad. Anak ka talaga, at the end of the day!”

After the game Cherry Pie clarified that love can’t be measured just by how Nio and Edu remember the specifics, “Whatever it is, whether you know the little details about me, I know that you both love me so much and I’m so blessed to have both of you.” Besides, she acknowledged that men are different from women but nonetheless their existence is well appreciated. “Sa buhay natin, dapat intindihin natin kasi talagang iba ang pagkagawa sa lalaki but no doubt we appreciate and we’re thankful for the love and presence they have in our lives,” she concluded.

Check out this video for your much-needed “PieDu” ‘kilig’ moments!