Cherry Pie Picache Edu Manzano PieDu

Love filled the air when Cherry Pie dropped a new video with Edu Manzano on her YouTube channel. The reel-to-real couple, also termed as “PieDu,” began on the set of Marry Me, Marry You and boomed as an adored love team, especially when they revealed that they were officially dating in real life. 

In Cherry Pie’s latest vlog on her “Slice of Pie” YouTube channel, she shared that she will be doing a series of videos with people she loved for the whole of February, a.k.a the Love month. Her very first guest is, of course, her dashing boyfriend Edu and they will be doing an #AskPieDu series where they answer their fans’ burning questions. 

As Edu entered the screen, he playfully hinted some jealousy for the other “loves of Cherry Pie’s life” which she would feature on her channel in the coming days. The Kapmilya actress laughed it off, explaining that her other guests are her friends and family. 

Digging from a bowl full of questions, Cherry Pie picked the first one and read it aloud, “Why take the risk of falling in love/being in a relationship with me?” Edu quipped, “Sanay na ako masaktan,” but also said that he wants to enjoy life so he was ready to be in a relationship even if it came with responsibilities. Cherry Pie agreed with Edu’s answer and added how they want to live in the moment so they were prepared for the risks that it comes with.

The next two questions asked about their most kilig moments together. Cherry Pie immediately recalled one of their dates before they became official. It was during the days when most restaurants were closed because of the pandemic, including the restaurant they were supposed to go to. But with Edu’s charm, he was able to have the place set up and opened just for the two of them. Cherry couldn’t help but feel kilig while reminiscing that day, which she likened to a romantic movie scene. For Edu, on the other hand, everyday with Cherry Pie is a kilig moment for him. He appreciates even the simplest of efforts that Cherry Pie does such as cooking for him or bringing him food. 

Speaking of food, they answered the next question asking what is Edu's favorite food, which Cherry Pie has cooked for him. Edu had a hard time deciding because Cherry Pie was such a great cook. After thinking it over, he said it was her Kare-Kare that he loved the most. 

Moving on to the favorite places they traveled to, Edu answered while looking into Cherry Pie’s eyes, “Kahit saan, basta kasama kita.” The two of them then said that all the places they’ve been to have been a special experience even if they have already gone there before. Cherry Pie also shared that it’s one of their goals to travel and experience more places together. 

The final question for the episode asked how they felt when their love team “PieDu” boomed. Cherry Pie admitted that they were overwhelmed with the support because, in her words, “Sa edad namin, love team talaga?” Regardless, she and Edu are very thankful and touched by the love everyone has for their relationship. They initially expected some negative feedback or reactions, so they are glad that that didn’t happen. Edu added that he feels many people appreciate his relationship with Cherry Pie because it is built on a foundation of friendship so many people know it’s real. 

PieDu will be answering more questions in the next episode, including if they still want a baby together. While excitedly waiting for its release, watch the entirety of the first vlog for ultimate kilig feels!