Adrian, Fino, Luis talk about Marry Me, Marry You cast’s food trips, secrets in Bukingan Challenge

For Adrian Lindayag, Fino Herrera, and Luis Vera Perez, working with seasoned thespians and talented newcomers is already too much of a blessing, much more building genuine friendships with them. They’ve grown close with their co-stars in Marry Me, Marry You, so much they had a lot to share about them in this Bukingan Challenge on Kapamilya Chat.

Adrian, Fino, and Luis revealed “who’s who” among their co-stars, starting with “pinakamabilis matawa,” who are none other than Angelica Lao and Analain Salvador. The duo was also voted as the video and photo enthusiasts.  

They said Cherry Pie Picache, Sunshine Cruz, and Janine Gutierrez can easily turn the waterworks on. Adrian also went for Janine as the joker of the group while Luis and Fino picked the ‘Titos’ of the cast like Edu Manzano, Joko Diaz, and Lito Pimentel.

Adrian thought of Keann Johnson as the sleepyhead because he’s been like that since their “The Boy Foretold By The Stars” days. Luis and Fino, on the other hand, believe Angelica is the most “antukin.”

Who do you think has the biggest appetite? The guests said they’re a bunch of foodies and lock-in was happier, thanks to their senior co-stars who love to bring food on the set. Adrian also owned up to eating food props; notice how most of his scenes were shot in the dining area.

Join Adrian, Luis, and Fino as they spill the tea about their Marry Me, Marry You co-stars in this video!